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My Person

I guard my person (all my body parts i.e. bare arms, breasts, buttocks etc) very jealously when inside public transportation. Of course there are those that simply delight in violating me. These come in the form of elbows, (person beside you!), knees (attack from the rear!), the thighs and the …

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Escalators, swing doors and human nature.

Escalators are funny things; don’t get me wrong, they get the job done. For some people, well, getting on them is the tricky part! They don’t know what to do, they’re apparently quite helpless in the technique to use. I watched the other day, when for more than two minutes …

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Awash in Spittle!

The correlation between a foul smell (or what is perceived as one) and the resultant saliva that correspondingly flies out of the mouth of the average Nigerian is a mystery that is yet to be unraveled. Science ought to find, a very (scientific) explanation as to how a second (sometime …

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To sag or not?

As in all things, extremes aren’t good; in fact they can be pretty ugly! Moderation and balance should be what to strive for in all matters be it health, family or fashion. Although with the likes of Lady Gaga and others like her, you begin to wonder... Sagging has its …

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Social Etiquette 2

We must remember that the handshake is a ‘foreign’ concept that was introduced eons ago. Admittedly it’s now the commonly accepted mode universally and as such has its attendant code inscribed. In trying to apply one of its many codes, ergo, a lady first extends her hand to be shaken. …

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