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I’m not quite certain what passes through your mind when choosing a movie to watch at the cinemas. I guess (maybe) genre, storyline, actors, director, popularity, interest etc may just be some of the factors on which you base your decisions. The result is surely to have value for money and a jolly good time in the process. With the incentives of free popcorn and a drink that has become the attraction on some weekdays, going to the movies is not as expensive as it initially started out to be.

Movie buffs make the pilgrimage several times a week and maybe the addict frequents it more than once in a twenty-four hour period. For some others it’s a treat and thus only visited occasionally, but in all, the darkened halls are shrines where the gigantic screen keeps acolytes mesmerised for the length of the film.

Thus, inevitably it is usual to find more than one person in a hall during any movie. Certainly that’s the practise and the entire movie-going culture has myriads buying tickets, popcorn, fizzy drinks, hotdogs etc at the concession stands. These consumables keep the buyer busy, whilst their eyes follow the unfolding drama.

The milling bodies at the stands, ticket bay etc connotes the numbers available and ready to watch the offerings. So the idea of being alone in a hall is odd. Totally unusual and not likely to happen to anyone you know. Debunk that and know that I was in that unique situation a few hours ago (Monday). This I’m sure maybe only happens once in an eon. The only soul inside a cinema hall! I wasn’t sure whether it was the time, the movie, the cinema or what exactly…but there I was by my lonesome.

In this instance, there was no cause to complain about the people with their hoofs on the chair, the phones ringing or the incessant litany of comments and questions some run for the entire duration of the movie (whether for fun or just the heck of it) it was all missing! The silence (human noise in this case) was astounding and the fact that I could do as I please was also prevalent. I ended up watching the movie without interruption of any human kind. Incidentally I arrived late and so the movie was already playing on entering the hall. With the illumination from the big screen I immediately saw the occupancy rate. I had already paid and if I was inclined to back out now (didn’t even occur to me!) it was much too late for that.

Having sat down I immediately started in on the popcorn and concentrated. Did I enjoy the experience? Yes of course. Was it unusual? Certainly. Do I think it will happen again? Nope. At least I’m almost certain it won’t and if it does…I promise, you’ll be the first to know!

I know that curiosity killed the cat and you’re dying to know the movie in question…in this instance I prefer to help you keep your nine lives intact.

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  1. lol…didnt that take a bit of the fun out of it?

    i think one of the kicks of doing cinema is the audience. i also think some movies are not meant for the cinema. i sat through eat pray love with a friend, and though a nice movie i couldnt wait to leave. after another movie everyone was screaming for a refund…lol

    • @Ayomipo: A teensy, weensy bit I must say but I’d already paid and I really, really wanted to watch it so it didn’t dampen that eagerness. I scrutinise the movies I go to watch in the theatres… talk less of the others I can watch on DSTv or my laptop. Cheers.

  2. Spooky men! Hope it wasn’t at night ‘coz the vampires would have come out to eat you…

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