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Simple Instructions!

It beats the imagination how following simple instructions turns out to be more complicated than it’s worth. Remember after an exam that you discovered you ought to have answered just four questions and you had done six? Maybe the verbal type is easier, although there are people that this is …

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Time flies...even when you’re not having fun! It takes no prisoners and simply does as it pleases. When something’s painful, boring or you would really not be involved with it, it becomes extremely long and drawn out. It becomes one of those ‘slow’ moments and seems to go on forever. …

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Adventures in the Washroom

A while ago, I found myself in a place where the facility panders to both genders and subsequently had to wait for a man to finish his ablutions (not the religious kind) at the wash-hand basin. He literarily washed (only thing missing was the soap!) his face, neck and finally …

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Electronic Doors, Queues & Tally Numbers

Gaining entrance into any bank nowadays has become something of an ordeal. Any and all metallic objects must be removed from your person. Phones must be held, straight up to the sensor, chargers, make-up cases and a host of other things discarded; kept in those locker room-type boxes by the …

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Money and the ATMs

The 21st century has not only brought advancement and sophistication but mans dependence on technology in every area of human endeavour. This has its upside and downside for ordinary folks. Depending on the circumstances and urgency that surround the daily affairs of the person it may be a blessing or …

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