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Fashion Accessories: The Handbag

More often than not, the latest trend dictates the types of bag in vogue. The size, shape, colour and every other thing is also subject to this idiosyncrasy. Whatever has been deemed sexy and IN rules! In this light we find various versions on the arms, closets and the possession …

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Molue: Lagos City Transport

The BRT buses are too tame. Everyone buys a ticket, gets in, takes a seat and gets off at the end of the journey. Nothing exciting happens. No preaching or selling. Sometimes a few people stand. The entire experience is mundane and without colour. Seasoned Lagosians will recall the days …

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The Dying Art of Conversation

Talking is overrated, or so I thought. The thing is that when extreme tiredness hits I discover that I’m unable to converse and so keep mute. Maybe this is one of the preservation techniques my body has devised in order to ensure that essential bodily functions are carried out. Extreme …

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The Incident

Now I realise he loved me. A forbidden love, but love all the same. I didn't know he felt that way...I swear! Just thought he wanted to get into my pants. The kissing was nice. To be honest, more than that! It awakened and stirred cravings that should have been …

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