Vigilante – Book Review

Title – Vigilante
Author – Robin Parrish
Unpublished Manuscript – 247pages

The title of Robin Parrish’s latest work almost gives the book away. It predisposes the reader to expect action, crime, crime-fighting and crime-fighters too! Robin doesn’t disappoint in any of these aspects as he keeps us on the edge from the onset. Intense anticipation, excitement, and anxiety were suffered by this particular reader for the duration of the book.

Our introduction to the protagonist immediately involves a puzzle and raises questions. My curiosity about Nolan Gray was piqued and further enhanced when some insights of his shared past and relationship with the Commander-in-Chief of the United States was introduced. On the other hand the recollections of his old commanding officer and current partner, Aaron Branford further shed light and gave us the reason for his chosen path. We discover a man of contradictions, compassion and vulnerability but also a damaged individual.

The team that supports Gray is small but diverse: Branford has a military background and Arjay Thale provides technological knowledge and sophistication, an all male team sharing the same perspective. Enter Alice Regan to shake things up a bit and also align with Nolan’s values, something absent until her debut.

The villain of the piece, Yuri Vasko shrewdly pieced together our hero’s path despite it being in its nascent stage. His powers of observation and adaptability, something we would see evolve as their paths crossed. The entrance of other characters authorised to wage an onslaught against crime brought an interesting development. They were catalysts that triggered the face-off between hero and villain.

Vigilante is a classic tale of good versus bad cum hero against villain. The point at which it deviates is when the hero/villain are superimposed and when doing good seems to be bad itself. This war is waged on many fronts, foremost of which is within our hero himself. There is no resolution of past experiences that propelled him to act. Some questions raised are left unanswered, especially when he does not confront these issues.

This book is fast paced with unexpected twists and surprising turns, when you least expect! Robin Parrish carefully banks the flames and weaves the story at a more sedate pace as it unravels. By so doing, he keeps the reader from imploding and makes us turn yet another page. We encounter several crossroads with the different characters and the inevitable challenge between those on the same side.

I was not fully satisfied with Mr. Parrish’s treatment of our hero’s demons. His issues were suspended and left unresolved. As this is still an unpublished manuscript, I hold out the hope that the finished work will clear the air for me in this regard, but even if it does not turn out the way I want, I still enjoyed the read.

Vigilante is for those that enjoy complex characters, fast paced action and pertinent questions with no ready answers. It doesn’t provide easy answers and you may also disagree with questions that were raised along the way too. This is certain to be a solid favourite of established Parrish fans and will hold pride of place in their bookshelves.

(Robin Parrish read this review and had this to say! – ‘Wow, that’s a great review! Very thoughtful, not just regurgitating the usual stuff, which I appreciate. Thanks!’)

Vigilante is out in stores and  available for sale so go and get your copy!

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