Ready, steady…GO!

A new year has rolled in and with it comes hope, that things (situations, relationships etc) will be better than the year before. The air is pregnant with possibilities that lie ahead. We have plans, dreams, imaginations and expectations about what we’d like to happen. We look forward to great things happening and resolve to make them come true.

Unfortunately, some of us wish for some sort of magic wand, to wave and make unpleasant things disappear, thereby starting on a ‘clean slate’. As we all know, this ain’t gonna happen and so we have to deal with the challenges, messes and complexities that didn’t disappear with 2011. In fact for some of them, we have to discover a way to sort them out (quickly too!) and emerge victorious. Seth Godin put it quite succinctly in his December 30th blog post…you don’t need a plan for next year (2012). You need a commitment. It’s by making commitments and staying true to them that things will get done. We must realise that what we hope or plan for and also have expectations about requires work and it’s by sticking with (and through) it that we’ll make it happen!

What’s worthwhile usually requires some amount of grit, thought and lots of hard and smart work. When we look back, we discover those victories, exploits and other ventures that have been attained were not lacking in these ingredients. Strange enough we also realise that these achievements were the sweeter too! A quick survey of 2011 will reveal this to be true and encourage us to muster up courage for the 362 days left.

Each year starts differently and 2012 has begun its journey in the same vein. As individuals our responses will differ when personal, family, local and national issues crop up. We usually respond from the personal and conduct our affairs from this purview. Through study, learning, mastery and concentration our personal scope is enlarged. With this growth we change and adapt to the world at large and thereby discover it to be a more interesting place and not as hostile as we once thought.

Another chapter in life’s drama has been enacted and for outstanding results in 2012 we must listen, observe and learn in order to achieve all that we want. Along the way we will be thrown curve balls that are wild cards not previously factored into the scheme of things, though unexpected they will be part of the year’s cycle. When we determine to learn the lessons in every situation, we’ll discover that the New Year is an exciting adventure that will produce more than we hoped.

On your marks! Set! GO…

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  1. Well said Seyi. I enjoyed this piece. Keep it up.

  2. I pray we all have the strength and focus to pull through. Nice piece.

  3. Something to add to the word feast as the meal that’l produce the strength for our long journey through 2012. It’s abundantly inspirational and am sure i’l read it over and over again. Pls it wil be great if u can be givin such similar thoughts at the beginin of each month of 2012 to kip us in alignment. I pray we all make a colossal leap this year.

    • @Samson: Glad you found all that within the piece…glad it resonated! I’ll keep writing and pray that each month, in every piece of writing you find here that it keeps challengin, inspiring and encouraging you throughout 2012 so…share the links, messages and get your friends to subscribe too! Thank you very much everyone, I appreciate each and every one of you.

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