Fashion: The Unrelenting Mistress.

Fashion is a demanding mistress, merciless; some might even call her a bitch! She doesn’t do her things by halves and will give no ground if you dare confront her. She’s a prima donna and you either love her or hate her…no tepid emotions or opinions of this lady. There are those that have been enthralled by and are firmly in her clutches, with this hapless lot she does as she pleases. They live to serve and do her bidding at the drop of a hat.

The streets are replete with this unfortunate crowd. They are that worship her, whether the trend enhances, flatters or does absolutely nothing for them. Whatever she says is IN must be possessed and adorned by them. They mince about well pleased with the effect even if the reality is contrary. They are enthusiastically pleased to lay their hands on her latest and heedlessly ignore the naysayers. The geeky glasses, skinny leg wear, gladiator sandals and much more on offer this season are their preserve. Sometimes these pieces are best worn separately by individuals (not all mind you!) and other times not at all! Be that as it may, we’ve learned to live with devotees that must sample ALL her offerings.

It’s a well known fact that the greater population of Fashion’s followers are women. Put in another way, the more OBVIOUS are female and are proudly so! The men that dabble in these waters do so quietly and are usually under the radar, thus often publicly un-noticed. No more, some have come to the limelight by their wholehearted acceptance of the skinny look. Yes, these fearless guys wear this clothing item and strut about town, very happily.

Mostly tweenies they sometimes accompany their skinny jeans or trousers with the nerd glasses and suspenders: in all a most interesting look overall. To top it all, they often sag the jeans and voila, the 21st century retro look! Since this is the IN look they are top of the food chain. I salute their courage because they must be very brave men to look themselves in the eyes, nod with approval at their reflection and hit town on all four cylinders!!

On close scrutiny, the overall look is one that takes some getting used to and for some it should be totally avoided. Funny enough, this particular demographic enjoy posing for photographs and you’ll discover that their phones and other gadgets have countless pictures of variants of this look. The attraction for this look is found mainly in the youngsters and the more mature men have not been spotted wearing it. Interestingly, it is also the older men that have also been more vocal about their dislike of this particular look, although some women are not too crazy about it either. No skin off their noses, these enterprising fellows continue to make their mistress happy and are undoubtedly ready for the next adventure. Fashion on her part, could not be bothered with the opinions of mere mortals and is poised to unleash more that is certain to ruffle yet more feathers.

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