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Fashion comes and goes and comes and goes again. A cycle that ensures successive generations can recall how the current trend had been worn and accessorised, photographic evidence available in abundance, just in case memory fails. This is a relentless circle that evokes nostalgia and constant innovation by designers and wearers alike!

Designers constantly seek new ways to make fashion staples fresh, so we see interesting (sometimes strange) twists of what has gone before take on new life. Wearers, not to be out done also find new ways to wear these items, sometimes in the accessories they add or leave out. Again the way these garments are actually worn or…not as the case with sagging also gives it a novel look!

Common knowledge has shown that it’s not just what you wear but HOW you wear it that counts! So two people can wear the same thing and look totally different, one smashing and the other totally horrendous. We see constant examples of this on the current trends and learn what’s in vogue and in certain instances how NOT to wear them. We also get to see how body confidence has taken on new meaning and watch in amazement as this league of bold innovators re-define how they’re clothed.

The ‘new’ prevailing style includes leggings, skinny jeans, jeggings et al that has taken on a new lease of life with their adoption and proliferation in society. They are characteristically form fitting and thus hug every available curve…desirable or not. This trend may have been sparked by the ballerinas, the ballet tights that hug and give them the beautiful form that’s such a delight to watch as they glide across the stage. With tweaking here and there and use of fabrics hitherto not previously imagined, voila this line makes its debut and the entire world goes agog!

Recently the more body-confident elite have taken this vogue to another stratum by disregarding ‘fashion rules’ for their physique. They choose to wear this item with short tops (shirts or blouses) that stay perched on the hip. Thus, their entire line (every handle and dip) is moulded and presented to all and sundry. The silhouette produced is quite startling to behold, especially on the more ample individuals. More people are adopting this rather than the conventional way of wearing longer tops that often stop mid-thigh.

This initial scattering of sightings has bloomed with this development being aped on a grand scale by more builds. The result is loose-fitting, tight, short, cropped tops worn on the body-moulding leggings, skinnies, jeggies etc! Depending on what the sight evokes, you might find yourself revolted, amazed or amused at these individuals that have the gumption to walk about thus clad in society.

Fashion is about taking risks, breathing new life into otherwise ancient trends and making a statement. With this new wave and emphasis on how designs are worn, it looks like we’re certainly in for more tutelage by trendsetters and to what extent they will dictate how THEY will be clothe themselves with the hottest designs and designers!

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