Fashion Accessories: The ‘Other Bag’

When was the last time you saw a woman (lady, chic, babe all inclusive) not overly burdened with carrying one item or the other? It is usual to see them carrying their handbag (quite often large and stuffed with the important items they simply cannot do without) and inevitably the ‘other bag’. It would have been simple (you’d think!) for them to simply put everything into ONE bag rather than lug around multiples.

The current trendy handbag has ample space for all the knick-knacks essential to feminine survival and so begs the question for the presence of the ‘other bag’. Being practical creatures, women try and optimise everything in their possession and for all practical reasons will not use two when one would have been sufficient…

Thus, the second (if you’ve noticed) is quite different, heavy-duty in appearance (aesthetics not included) and most certainly NOT empty! A food flask, a pair of slippers, umbrella, shower cap, items of groceries recently purchased from the market etc may be some of the things found inside at any point in time. Some items could be staples (every sensible woman usually has a pair of FLAT slippers she can slip into at any point in time and so that’s invariably handy) depending on the season and current schedule of the owner and others may be a one-off.

The shoulder bag and ‘other bag’ are essentials and on further investigation can be seen either on her person, car or immediate surrounds. The items contained have been known to save lives (hers, loved ones and sometimes strangers) and further augment the survival code by which she lives. So if a woman has just ONE bag, it means that she has the ability to condense, compartmentalise and travel light!

Women fill several roles and multi-task whilst doing so, as a result they (we) have learned to switch and adapt. Doing this sometimes means not sacrificing femininity for practicality and vice-versa, so with great aplomb woman of every age and culture creatively solve their challenge as best they can. Often times, a new trend evolves from this otherwise difficult situation and fashion gets a boost in the process. When technology catches up and introduces viable feminine solutions, women might well discontinue the use of the handbag or the ‘other bag’ as a compulsory companion in their daily lives and essential urban survival kit.

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