Owner’s Corner

I’ve always wondered how various things were named, more specifically the interesting names that have been adapted for popular items, places and even incidents. The person that dubbed a car ‘Evil spirit’ really out did themselves although the people that propagated the name were much more instrumental.
With this at the fore, today we examine what has been dubbed the ‘owner’s corner’.

The ‘owner’s corner’ (that position in the car diagonally opposite the driver’s seat) is a prime piece of mobile real estate. This (we’ve been told) is where the person that owns the vehicle sits. This being the broadest definition, since we have people that don’t necessarily own the car, but that happen to be responsible for it positioned there too. Ultimately, the CEOs, senior executives et al of corporations to whom the driver reports is included in this league. This position thus signifying that whoever occupies it calls the shots.

A few years ago this position might have been their sole preserve, but nowadays this is no longer the situation. There are some ‘owners’ that prefer to ride shotgun and it’s commonplace to see expatriates doing this, indeed it’s a rare sight to see an expatriate strapped in sitting pretty there. I think assassinations and robberies have also had something to do with this new practise… ‘oga’ is not so obvious if he’s seated beside the driver. Whatever the reason, we have more people shunning the place of honour in a car, for a less obvious position.

Instances where the car owner also happens to be the driver also leaves the seat open for anyone else in the car. Friends, family and even maids now get to ride along playing ‘oga madam’ whilst the car’s in motion. Helping out a few people is common and often waiting for the person in the back seat to move up is cumbersome and so a few friends temporarily occupy the ‘owner’s corner’ until their turn to get down.

Maids and other caregivers also sit there when children passengers are involved. In the case where the mother plays driver, her child’s safety is utmost when conveying her charge around, thus putting her baby and maid there helps her achiever her aims. By definition, the help becomes the ‘boss’ for the duration of the journey. Even if the mother is sans maid, the back seat is the place for children and not riding shotgun.

In several cases and vehicles across the land, the ‘owner’s corner’ is occupied by the bona fide person whom the title fits and that is as should be too. The ‘owner’s corner’ is one way of preserving an element of prestige, for those that find this important. For others it’s just another place to sit whilst inside a motorcar. Whatever view you might have of this trend is totally dependent on your understanding, views, attitudes and beliefs.

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  1. The day you find me seated at the ‘ owners corner’ means I’ve got serious issues with the driver. He probably has a bad case of body odor. Do we really need to show people we own the car?

    • @Mo’Garba: If he has a bad case of BO then (depending on just how bad!) you can’t really get away from it then can you?! People are different and with this comes the philosophy of showing that you own the car etc or keeping it understated. Thanks a mil for sharing!:)

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