A Treat Long Denied

I love a good book and what beats that is a great one! I love to get lost in a story and my imagination works over time trying to create the places, people, sights and sounds described therein. My second best hobby is watching a good movie! It becomes even better if it’s a book I’ve read. The most magical part is when the movie does justice to the book! Not too many movies that have been adapted from books make the cut and I leave disappointed. I had a better time reading and imagining it than the architects did in re-creating…my opinion.

The best part is that I also happen to work with words and that means I get to indulge in my favourite pastime of all times. Alas, as an adult one has to ‘grow up’ and this means that many things compete for time and some things get lost in the fray. Although, I work with words, ergo books, I also spend hours of my leisure time with them as well. Yes, I consume books and make no apologies about that either. I also don’t care what format they come in, hard back, paperback, online or soft copy…as long so as it’s a book…I’ll take it!

Before you think of a really old, bespectacled woman with her nose buried in one tome or the other, please throw it out of the window because the picture’s all wrong. Like I said I love the movies and this is another form of relaxation for me, one I try to do as often as possible. Like the books, I also have a number of these at my fingertips, so a few series and favourite films can be found on the hard drive of my personal computer. Although when I talk about going to the movies I don’t mean clicking on the soft copy on my laptop. This I do often enough, but in my opinion there are some motion pictures that deserve THE cinematic experience i.e. taking a trip to the theatres.

Fine there are enough things that can put me off making a trip there, what with the crowds (especially when a new movie premieres then the throngs take over!), phones going off, loud conversations for the duration and those folks that simply cannot keep their feet off the chairs! The experience has a lot that militates against it. Despite all these, the large screen, surround sound and total immersion call out to me to make that pilgrimage. So when a new release worth all the trouble makes its debut I try and indulge myself. It hasn’t been easy though and I’ve missed many because of pressing responsibilities, the thought of traffic, low energy levels etc. It almost became shameful when friends and family discovered I’d not seen flicks like Avengers, MIB3 and the like. They couldn’t comprehend what had happened to me and there were no explanations I could give!

I finally realised that it went beyond the mechanics of going to the cinemas. It was not compulsory but something I had to do for myself. This was one basic way I could take out some time and simply breathe! It was a pause that made it easier to continue with every other thing I simply HAD to do or be. Yesterday I finally ended the drought and caught one, for a few minutes I got lost in the story until the credits and music came to an end. Relax and don’t forget to breathe in the second half of 2012…you’ll be the better for it too!

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  1. Hmmmm….. now that you mentioned it, i cant remember when it was i last saw a movie at the cinema. i should go sometime soon o! though i kind of enjoy watching movies at home more so long as i can recreate the cinema feel as much as possible.

    • @Mee: Yeah I also do the ‘home cinema’ experience too. Like I said though, there are some movies that DESERVE the real cinema thing though!

  2. I love going to watch movies too, but only in the compoany of great friends like you! Let’s make out time this half year and see a nice one together. It will be romantic O, remember the last one we watched was action, which you know…

    Nice read, thanks for sharing!

    • @Deron: Shucks! I’m looking forward to a movie date with you now….
      Thank you for reading, it’s been a while since you posted comments. Bear hug!

  3. Hmmmm movies cinema havent been to one in over a year now remember the last time I went it was April last year my friends boyfriend then wanted to give me a treat for visiting so he came bundled us in his car and whisked us to d movies it was a Matthew macourney movie had to do with a lot of legal stuff very interesting I must say , just that movies aren’t really yay my thing d booming thearter and teen crowds can b a bit trying.so how do I relax hmmm travel out of Nigeria and am relaxed until the plane lands back into mma and d stress begins.Lord help me

    • @Bims: At least you have something you do for relaxation. I’d also advise you find something else you can do in-country…lest the stress overwhelm you. 😉

  4. A good reminder that I need to take a break and breathe.Can’t remember the last time I had one, having young children takes up your time, lest I wake up one day and find my self in my fifties with not much fun to catch.Made up my mind dis summer holiday I MUST BREATHE.Read a good book ,watch an interesting romantic movie and buy some things for myself(its been a long time I did that)

  5. Seyi our movie date or get together is long overdue! This summer o!

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