August Break

We’ve been enjoying unusually cool weather lately. Wait a minute did I just say cool? Pardon me, I meant to say chilly, cold and very windy conditions rather! Yes, no rain but the bite in the air has fangs. For once the ‘August break’ seems to be in play and hence the absence of rain these past weeks. Well I think that’s what’s playing out anyway.

I’m slightly cold intolerant and so the slightest drop in temperature brings goose bumps. I consume gallons of tea when it rains and my faithful scarf (a.k.a. pashmina) is not far from me. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve resorted to closing all the windows in my room. For a lover and advocate of cross-ventilation and breezy conditions it was a difficult decision to make. Well it was actually quite easy really i.e. die from pneumonia by freezing to death, or seal all vents and live! I chose the latter and so I live to share my experience.

Anyway it took me a little while to find out that there was an actual chill. At first I left the windows the way they were until I discovered that I awoke to find that I was unusually colder than normal. The gaps left gradually decreased until I discovered that my health dictated total closure for life to continue. I guess a major clue should have been when I discovered the need to switch on the fan had disappeared and it had become another museum piece, although I’ve decided to keep it for the hot season that looms. Thankfully, pneumonia didn’t come calling before I regained my senses.

Since I’m not below freezing friendly, I had to ask a few folks whether it was colder than usual or I had lost weight. Yes, I found out that when I lose some ounces, I tend to become colder faster than usual…this also took some getting used to! I also have certain clothes that usually confirm that my adipose layer has eroded (in fact I have an entire wardrobe for this exigency). So I heaved a sigh of relief when I discovered that the chill factor was general and not another downward slide on the scale.

I’m not complaining about the weather because it certainly beats walking under the blazing sun and sweating profusely. It also gives you the option of not taking a nightly bath if you’re not inclined or energised enough to do so. Sunny conditions ensure that even if you prefer not to soak at night you should, since it’ll make more conducive the trip to dreamland.

The wind is a very brisk and it howls as it blows. This eerie sound can be frightening if you don’t know what it is! The first time I heard it I just wondered, since I knew wolves weren’t commonplace in Lagos and finally deduced it was the wind. You may have figured out by now that I don’t scare easily and I try and think fast on my feet…sometimes I’m also slower than I would like.

I’ve decided to enjoy the August break and milk it for all it’s worth. This includes closed windows, gallons of hot tea and hot beverages. I’m sure that anytime soon, the rain will return and yours truly will certainly consume more tea, hot liquids and stay warmly wrapped up to ensure survival and continuity until the hot season arrives!

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  1. :)i absolutely love the weather!

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