Deck the Halls!

The last day of November and I’m trying to remember where 2012 went! Some things that happened earlier this year, April to be precise seem like light years away. I’m stunned to say the least and the fact that November practically vaporised is something else to puzzle over.

We all know that December is synonymous with two things, Christmas and harmattan. Unfortunately the latter has either changed its mind about visiting Lagos or just taking its time and will get here when it gets here. Whichever way it blows (or not) Christmas is here and I’m sure we’ve all began preparations to meet it as best we can.

If you’ve been to the shops lately, the carols are piped through speakers as shoppers make the rounds. The radio stations already have the carols programmed so you hear them at different interludes on various stations. The biggest precursor of the festive season is the decorations. Shops are already decked out in various colours and the lights are certainly not left out.

The buildings around the city have also begun their transformation. The red and green swathes of materials have already started appearing, along with the lights that some organisations prefer. Some decorators get more creative over the years whilst some just seem to be permanently stuck in a rut. On the other hand it maybe the organisations that prefer the more ‘traditional’ type of decorations and insist it’s done a particular way. Whoever the guilty party is, the results often turn out tired and look like not much thought (sometimes none) went into what was created.

On the other hand there are some buildings with breath-taking decor. When you bump into them you’re stopped in your tracks and it often leaves a smile as you continue your journey. Decor of this type leaves a lasting impression and brightens your day. It also leaves nearby structures not so adorned, deep in the shadows.
It’s usually pretty interesting when colours, textures and other things are mixed. These quirks when added introduce a different flavour rather than the boring theme of adhering to the strict red, green and Santa-like outlines we have become adept at copying. Variety is the spice of life after all and nothing perks up the normal than variety.

I enjoy the outdoor decorations that the Lagos state government has taken to doing these past years. It brings the celebrations alive and helps to soothe commuters when they’re snarled in traffic. On the other hand, some may see it as a waste of resources. I think it’s really pretty and is something I look forward to at this time of the year.

The decor, music and gifts put us in the mood for the celebrations ahead and the food also makes it something we look forward to with great relish! The time spent with family and loved ones makes this a very special time of the year too. As the year slowly winds down and quietly slips into a new one that holds great promises.

Let’s remember to try new things, mix them up and see whether the result isn’t as interesting or more so because of our daring. Creativity comes in various forms and when we step out on a limb we surprise ourselves and others with our creations. Let’s ditch the tired and safe because we’re apprehensive of what could happen. When we embrace variety and difference we’ll be amazed at the benefits and their subsequent evolution.

Enjoy the pre-preparations of the upcoming merriment that’s just around the corner. I know for some it still seems far away but there’s no time than the present to make adequate plans to enjoy it to the hilt.

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