More Christmas Traditions

It has become or is the norm during this period of the year for companies to run various promos. These are meant to benefit loyal customers and brand consumers. The range of promos vary and cut across the FMCG, pharmaceuticals, breweries, telecoms and more imaginative SMEs too.

With these promotions brands demonstrate that they appreciate loyalty and seek to give something back. We won’t bother to investigate the party that actually comes out on top from the exercise but to say that a lot goes into them is really putting it mildly!

As a result the airwaves (radio and television) are bombarded with the adverts and the Social Media space too isn’t left out either. Every which way you look (billboards, bus branding etc) you’re made to realise that it’s the season where you can win time and again. Despite the financial decline, promos still prevail although not at the scale they once enjoyed.

We’re also familiar with the sales that boutiques and other shops also carry out to boost sales and reward customers too. Also part of the promo culture the signs for these bound. The text messages advertising one sale or the other from a store you’ve probably never been to has also become par for the course. In fact if you don’t receive a new one every week…you should be thankful.

Another noteworthy observation is how some streets are decorated. These decorations range from fancy ribbons, to balloons and other more creative items that could look nice to downright outrageous. A banner announcing a ‘youth carnival’ is prominently displayed too. This states the time and date when the ‘youths’ will gather to make merry. The aspect of this tradition is that some of the ‘youth’ (used very loosely) sometimes erect toll gates within that area. Thus, unwary cars usually have to ‘drop’ before they’re given passage. The explanation is that these are ‘contributions’ towards their carnival.

I’ve witnessed firsthand how a ‘contribution’ was extracted and my prevailing thought was, ‘na by force to do carnival?’, the ‘youth’ were menacing to say the least and thug would be a kinder description for some of them. Once the money changed hands freedom was attained. The carnival usually takes place in the form of a party. Yes, the street is cordoned off and speakers, platform, lights and loud music herald its commencement…carnival version of course. To be candid my curiosity hasn’t driven me to attend one to see how festive it actually turned out to be.

Everyone (that includes organisations) alike all seek to make the end-of-year a memorable one. It’s pretty neat that a major holiday (Christmas) slots here perfectly and makes it more joyous to remember one man that changed the course of history. Whether you agree or not about His divinity, that fact is Jesus Christ walked the earth and that He also changed history forever. You may choose not to celebrate his birth or acknowledge it in any other way but the holiday on the 25th of December is one that affects the entire globe and in a positive way too.

Merriment, laughter and joy are the themes for this season and we know that some recklessness will also endanger lives too when overindulgence takes place. Let’s try and include caution and limits that we’ll not compromise or breach when making merry.

Our hearts and prayers also go out to the citizens of Newton community in Connecticut as they lay to rest innocent children and adults that lost their lives recently. We share their sorrow this season and pray strength for all of them during this difficult time.

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