Looking Ahead to 2013

For me this is a time of recollection, stock taking and also stargazing. Sober times indeed but thankfully not only that but also trying to recount the good times and relive the memories I might have let slip. Considering the fact that 2012 was practically a flash it’s a daunting task. Thankfully, I’ve taken to writing things down so that it’s there on paper. This really helps recall and makes it somewhat easier.
Easily forgotten incidents, acts of kindness, lessons learned are there for me to look back on and help me remember that 2012 was more than I expected. It was also not quite what I had in mind but with the twists and turns it turned out simply great.

Are there moments of regret? Yes. Things I wish I could have done better, avoided and take back? Certainly, those happened and instances when really pleasant, unexpected occurrences blindsided me too. The bittersweet wrapped up with those tender incredible times that made it all worthwhile.

2013 is about to make its debut and bring more poignant incidents in its wake. As with the start of something unexpected I’m concerned about looming events. Some of them are inevitable and others not too clear, one thing I know is that surprises will pop up (pleasant and otherwise) and things that trail them. The fallout of the unexpected will be left for me to me to sort out, work through and roll with as they happen. I know that I’ll be the wiser and better able to flow in each situation.

It’s often easier to daydream than make concrete plans, we all know that to succeed and make ever increasing progress we must plan very deliberately towards that goal. For some of us it’s relatively easier than for others. Whatever category one finds oneself doesn’t really matter, there’ll be work involved and the only difference is the degree to which those concerned are prepared to go in order to achieve it.

Like I said from the beginning, these are sober times for me and I’m sure many others on the planet. A new year is precious and brings the wind of change with it. This is what creates the uncertainty (great or small) that people experience when they stand on the cusp of change. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal, work or social there’s an element of mystery attached to a place or time that hasn’t been traversed before. This I believe is the major cause of the hesitancy experienced.

This intense contemplation spills over into the New Year and trails some for the entire month of January. For some it’s not as prolonged as that and they revert to ‘as usual’ mode within the second week. Shedding old ideas, philosophies and lifestyles takes some doing and requires application. once you can do it, like a muscle it becomes easier to apply whenever needed.

Learning (and unlearning) is continuous and to be taken seriously for those that want to keep moving up the curve of growth. Not easy at all but it’s possible. It requires focus and constant reminders when those dark times of shooting yourself in the foot arise.

Personally I’m sure that 2013 will be a monumental year on all fronts. It’s an adventure that I’m looking forward to but also know that preparation is essential lest I fall short. My expectations are high as are my spirits. I’m gearing up for new things and so should you! My next piece will debut come the second day of 2013 and until then stay safe, strong, focused and expectant!

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