The Dawn 0f 2013!

Everyone celebrated the dawning of the New Year in one form or the other. Spirits were high (still are) and those that went to church were there. Others were at the Lagos state countdown, clubs and many more places also took note of the change. The major reason for this is that a New Year is the immense celebration of hope! Hope that with life more can still be done and accomplished. That no matter what, good will prevail and that evil (and all things that resemble it!) will be soundly trounced as long as breath remains.

I didn’t really have anything to write this first day (still don’t but making it up as a I go) but on my way to the cross-over service I looked around and realised more than ever that I had much to be thankful for. I already knew that but the dying minutes of 2012 made it more glaring. I tried to project what life would be if I wasn’t where I was at this point in time.

Trying to take on someone else’s perspective and experience should be relatively easy, right? Especially because I’m used to creating characters, scenes and also crafting words. This time it was anything but and all I could feel was immense gratitude. I stopped the exercise and just gave thanks for everything. Nothing helps you get things in perspective more quickly than seeing things through some else’s eyes. It reminds you about what actually counts.

Everyone has already started garnering different experiences despite the relative newness of the year. Some savour the sweet, pleasant and all the variants in between. Others have already had a taste of sorrow and the bittersweet but not withstanding it won’t remain the same. The spectrum of emotions will play out over the course of the year, but the reason nobody gives up is because of hope.

Hope is the most powerful elixir there is and its presence often determines the outcome of events more than any other ingredient. Keeping it close by and a permanent fixture is crucial to victory in the days ahead. Defeat rings loudly of lost hope but once it’s seen that it can be found once again then that incident can be turned around and hope reclaimed.

2013 should be a year resonant of hope. Hope of better things, experiences, relationships, opportunities and all that you seek. Dark days will come, challenges that seem to be more than you’re qualified to handle but when the expectation is retained then all possibilities of a favourable outcome remain.

With all that lies ahead we must always remember to strive for balance and a sense of adventure and fun through it all. It helps in keeping things in perspective too and makes them less stressful! If we study children we’ll discover that laughter lies very close to the surface in all they do. Their curiosity is legendary and infectious; adults clearly have more responsibilities but have much to learn from them.

Enjoy the 364 days left in 2013 and have fun in all thine doing. As much as lies with me…I’ll have this burning in the recesses of my mind and hope will be in the forefront.

I look forward to the great adventures I’ll share with you in the course of the year and much more too. HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOD BLESS!!

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  1. A great piece to kick off another exciting year of gathering knowledge via musings like this. Yeah, sista, hope is what God has given us to keep us trudging along with our eyes on victory. Yep, I believe things would get better for us all this year…Cheers!

    • @Christie: Things are getting better with each day indeed! Try a little dance rather than trudge…me thinks that’ll also lighten the responsibilities we have to carry.

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