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Exactly a week since this New Year started and the shine is gradually fading. Resolutions not fully formed have been badly dented; others are quietly taking their dying breath and some broken. One fervently wishes that all the bad roads, epileptic power supply, network issues, inadequate bandwidth and a host of other ‘problems’ would all magically disappear with an old year, thus giving everyone the new and fresh start we all deserve…

All things new so to say, but alas that’s just not the case. Right now the streets of Lagos resemble a ghost town and the ease of zipping around is a dream come true. The temptation to pray it remains sans traffic another pipe dream. By this weekend all the revellers will be back from their holidays and come Monday morning the nightmare that’s the weekly work commute resumes!

The infinite challenge of the nascent days in a new year is about keeping focus. Making sure you concentrate on the goals for the year. Setting your plan and breaking it down into the daily steps necessary to ensure that come December 31st you’re right where you want to be. There’ll be many distractions that will want to keep you from achieving this crucial task. Once you get the trajectory right, every other thing will flow and that’s all that matters right now. Once you can block out the noise and settle this all important index then off you go. So whilst you’re still trying to bask in the euphoria of 2013 and find your work mode again, concentrate on not losing sight of what really matters.

I hear some sniggers and other derisive noise and people wondering about my planet of origin. Don’t you know that work’s just getting crazier? In fact I can’t remember the last time I had a ‘proper’ holiday! Where in the world am I supposed to ‘find’ the time for this exercise genius? Breathe, you’ll be amazed at how much you can get done in ten minutes when you concentrate on that single task.

I realise that there’re others that already have the plan in place. Good for you. Take another look at it and make sure you’re not playing safe by only expanding slightly on the achievements of the foregone year(s). Surprise yourself and reach for the impossible. You’ll be amazed at the results.

When I looked through the goals I wrote down for 2012…I was highly impressed! I couldn’t recall being that detailed or writing half but I discovered (pleasantly too) that quite a number had been accomplished. Not the way I thought it would pan out but most of them were more interesting and rewarding. Great stuff you agree? I was very pleased as you can imagine and decided to do it again. On the other hand if it was just a fluke then I don’t object to a repetition of the same.

One thing I discovered in planning, setting goals and all is that it must be written down. Whether in good old ink, on your device or more creative ways it has to be written! I’m not sure why this is so important but time and again I’ve found that my to-do list gradually gets done once I’ve put it in writing.

I’m still thinking, planning and gradually writing what I want to do in 2013. I’ve looked over my old list to see what needs to be expanded, reworked and of course the fresh fodder too is finding expression. As things evolve you’ll find some right here, others you may discover by chance or when the time is ripe.

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  1. I think the ‘thinking’ part of getting things done is very crucial to achieving your goals. And daring to think BIG too! So am reading Ben Carson’s book (Think Big) to help me, perhaps, edit what I’ve written down. Thanks for the tips anyhow… Person no dey know evrything finish jare!

    • @Christie: Yes, thinking is crucial since it’s what separates us from the animals (as is popularly repeated!). All the best with the editing! Learning certainly never ends too as you’ve rightly pointed out.

  2. If our goals/resolutions for 2013 are important to us, we’ll find the time to think about them and get into the attitude of achieving them. Having said that, I’m going to write mine down NOW! A very happy new year to you, Seyi.

    • @Idolor: I totally agree with you! Thanks for also reminding us too that important is key. A very Happy New Year to you and your entire family.

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