Pet BlackBerry Peeves

Quite a number of people have the BlackBerry, a smart phone or better yet device as the inventors tagged it. As in all useful things (technology notwithstanding!) humans have discovered a way to use it not stated (or conceived during manufacture) in the manual. To quite a number of folks this new function is pretty annoying and tops their pet peeves.

I’ll share some of the top winners in this post but kindly note that this list is in no way exhaustive since mutant strains could still be discovered and you’re free to add more (yours and others) in the comments section.

Also note that although some of the items included are personal not all opinions can be attributed to me. Research was conducted and most of the findings shared (respondents will verify this claim). Frankly there are some mentioned I believe would not be a nuisance if those it irked simply ignored them or had a make-over in certain character traits they possess. The cure it all button is the delete contact button or giving up the BlackBerry in the most extreme case!

The winning item that every single person in the poll chose was the BROADCAST! The following are reasons why its the cr�¨me of the crop for most users:

The ONLY thing some contacts do is SEND BCs (they don’t chat with you in months but their BC is regular as clockwork).

Broadcasts sent at odd hours.

You get regular BCs that don’t have anything to do with you.

You get the SAME BC (like 100times) from various contacts.

Contacts send unverified information in BCs.

Loads of fake news disguised as BCs.

The only thing some contacts do best is recycle BCs.

Especially annoying are the religious chain BCs (i.e. send to ten, twenty people and you’ll get money or don’t break the chain and something fantastic happens to you etc).

You send out a BC and get the SAME message back…from your OWN contacts.

You send out an original (composed from your sweat) BC with all copyright duly attributed to your person…you get it back (manifold!) with another person proudly claiming it as theirs.

You receive a BC that’s all but incomprehensible because everything is in either short form, riddled with typos or grammatical mutations.

Some contacts abuse the PING! function i.e. they don’t know what it’s for.

Contacts PING!ing whilst you’re trying to reply their message or do something important.

Contacts that read messages don’t reply and regularly change their dps and status messages in that period.

Contacts that read your messaged and never reply or do so hours (even days) afterwards.

You have contacts that have NEVER said a word to you and to ensure their BB hasn’t been repossessed you say hello and they reply…until the next time you repeat the same process!

Some contacts start a chat only to ask the name of the person in your display picture.

Some contacts only ask questions.

The proof of life for some contacts is because they change their pictures or update their status.

Some contacts update their dps and statuses and are still ghosts!

Some contacts only use LOL, K, BRB, BTW during a conversation.

Some contacts don’t realise that they can actually ‘chat’ and not PING!

Some contacts always want to chat…at very odd hours.

Some contacts have deleted you and you didn’t know until you sent them a message.

Contacts that use meals as their dps.

Contacts that use dps as an avenue to ‘pimp’ their single female ‘friends’ that probably didn’t ask them for the service.

Updates that give out too much/useless information (e.g. I can’t sleep, I’m at the VIP table at Koko Concert etc)…who really gives?

Regular change of you display name so that people can’t find you on their list!

Contacts that regular steal display pictures.

Display pictures that proudly display ‘the pout’, some guys do it…don’t ask me why!

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