Pearl & the Drunk

I’ve been in many interesting situations but none as unpredictable as what happened two weeks ago. When I look back there were so many reasons it could have gone horribly wrong and made 2013 a year of uncertainty.

The only reason it turned out the way it did was because of God and His faithfulness. Ultimately the trust I had in Him was confirmed because the many reasons it didn’t blow up in my face was because He was (and is always) with me and knows everything about me.

I guess some of you didn’t bargain on getting a lecture or sermon when you decided to read today’s piece. Bear with me and finish reading because I’ve not really said anything after all and so you’re slightly piqued (you are!) to read the rest and discover what I’m on about.

One usually tries to visualise different scenarios of difficult or dangerous situations and how to react (or project how you will) in them. Coming out the hero, saving the day and showing the courageous side is what tops these encounters. We become the superheroes of our favourite comic books (sans wearing close fitting costumes with the necessary cape) and vanquish the villain.

Yes, the heroes sometimes get hurt and all but we know it’s never serious and when it’s life-threatening we know they’ll be alright…eventually. Essentially their lives are more than the nine allotted to the proverbial cat and like the man of steel practically indestructible.

Back to what happened, I was accosted by a wiry young man. This was not the ordinary turn of events because it was late at night (past ten) and the area was relatively deserted although a major road in Lagos. Thanks to the street lights it was well lit and shadows were almost absent. My destination was just a few metres ahead and during the ordeal it became a million light years away.

Being accosted this way was another strange experience since I don’t waste time getting from one point to another, particularly when there are things to be done, places to go and people to see. Not a deliberate thing but I walk pretty fast, except I consciously slow down. I wasn’t even aware of this trait until told. Anyway he managed to catch up and grabbed me in the process. Having my hand held wasn’t new, I’ve even had it grasped quite firmly by someone that didn’t want me to leave but the situation was out of the ordinary, the young man a stranger and so it was threatening.

Dressed decently in jeans, teeshirt and carrying one of those long handled bags stylish guys favour he started a conversation. This included being told I wasn’t in my right senses and that he wanted my company. Amos (somewhere in the ‘gist’ he ‘introduced’ himself) made me understand in very clear terms that we were going to be together tonight and that nothing was going to stop that.

Along the way I discovered he was totally drunk. Funny enough I hadn’t caught a whiff of that either and his speech wasn’t slurred but he kept swaying on his feet like he was about to keel over. With my wrist firmly in his grasp he kept repeating the same thing over and over again.

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