Pearl & the Drunk 2

When I managed to get a word in edgewise I let him know I was on my way to church and that there was no way I could keep him company. He let me know I was joking and not with my senses for even daring to say this. When I noticed this agitated him I stopped and continued to try to talk him into letting me go.

During this back and forth session, his ‘friend’ Mckenzie saw him from afar, and came to join the conversation. I tried to persuade him (i.e. Mckenzie) to take Seun/Amos with him so I could continue my journey. Apparently this wasn’t his business and he walked off after exchanging pleasantries and left us on the same spot on the sidewalk. In retrospect, this could have gone in a totally different direction with McKenzie (if that’s his real name) joining forces with Amos to make sure I complied, or incite Amos into getting rougher. Thankfully this didn’t happen and both of us were left to our devices.

Shortly afterwards, an acquaintance of mine that was passing by tried to extricate me from my predicament. She knew where I was headed and told me to come along and that we were already late. Seun suddenly became lively and barked at her to leave. He picked up a stone and motioned to throw it and with that act got her immediate co-operation. She hurriedly left the scene (I couldn’t blame her in the least) and once again I was left with Amos.

When he made to stone her I dissuaded him using the reasonable tone I’d somehow managed to maintain. Calming down, he faced me and let me know we were still going off together, how unreasonable I was and so forth. His phone suddenly rang out of nowhere and he picked the call. Simultaneously, he released my wrist and waved me away. The signal was for me to go…

Not needing a second invitation, I walked off smartly. Along the way, I passed a really muscular man that asked me (used my name) if I was alright. I answered in the affirmative (you guessed right that I didn’t care how he knew my name and since he didn’t bother me I wasn’t in the least bit interested) and continued. At the turning I found my lady acquaintance and some familiar me’guards. One asked if I was alright and whether the man had touched me. Another said they were about to come to my rescue.

In another breath they pronounced I was lucky to have come away unscathed because awon boys usually snatched bags in that vicinity. I promptly told them it had nothing to do with ‘luck’ that it was God and nobody else. I thanked them and walked into the church premises. I thanked Beatrice and entered the church premises. I quickly found a seat.

I took out time to thank God for His protection during the twenty something minutes of the ordeal because like I said a lot of things could have gone wrong (that didn’t) and His hand was clearly involved with how everything turned out. At the start absolute terror threatened to overwhelm me but immediately, calm settled over me that was quite baffling and enabled me keep my head through everything.

The only indication that anything happened were the slight hand tremors I noticed when I drank from my bottle of water before joining the service that had already commenced. No one can convince me that God wasn’t involved in how everything turned out. You may think it luck, providence or whatever…I choose to say it was God and that He always, always has my back!

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  1. Thank God for your life! Your escape reminds me of an old scripture song by Randy Rothwell:

    “How great is your goodness stored up for those who fear you,
    No end to the kindness that comes from you each day,
    We count on compassion in the shelter of your Presence,
    Hidden away, hidden from harm
    How great your love!”

    Forget luck…you were right, it was GOD!!

  2. Hummm, what led me to this site I wouldn’t know but I guess God wanted me to know the full story.
    1, When you got to us no one would have guessed what you just passed through…you looked so unruffled I wondered if I wasn’t rude in interfering…means you are strong.
    2,I wasn’t afraid of his stone ooo but thought it better not to play a lone hero knowing our destination wasn’t far and maiguards that can deal with him ‘boku’for ground. In retrospect, God not only had a hand but a serious one at that for I consider the phone call a life-saver for him;that was why he didn’t have us to contend with.
    All in all, may His name be praised for He did marvellous.

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