Bottom Box

This is a phrase that old timers should be very familiar with and since I’ve been around for a bit I make no apologies about using it here. For the younger folks that read this and don’t have a clue to what I mean I’ll try and explain it in a way that you’ll understand…I hope!

Your ‘bottom box’ (gives a vivid picture doesn’t it) is literarily the best clothes that you think (strictly a matter of opinion in this case mind you) you have. Using the new terminology, your sickest clothes, accessories that when you wear you feel on top of the world. Like I’ve pointed out it’s strictly your view that others may not rightly share!

When you sport any of these items you feel very cool. You have your swag on and feel downright happy with yourself. I’m sure you know the experience I’m trying to recount here. Even if your perception is totally off, no one (I mean no one!) can dissuade you and put a damper on your day.

I used this phrase recently when I used an old photograph on my BlackBerry and my younger sister said she remembered the tee-shirt. I loved that tee to bits! It only came out when I felt the occasion called for it. It also paid me that it was one of a kind and it stood out. In terms of quality it also lasted longer than the ‘ordinary’ tee-shirt. So anytime I wore it I got noticed and complimented. It made a statement all its own, although I’m sure that wasn’t my father’s intention when he bought it and gave me.

It only came out for those events that were worthy. This didn’t always mean parties or get-togethers but days when I wanted to visit a close friend it could be my choice too. I think because I liked it so much it made those occasions extra special too. Certainly this wasn’t the only ‘bottom box’ I possessed. Some were designated for less frequent showings like church, attending those compulsory family functions with parents and the entire family (everyone’s had to do these I’m sure) and the like. Included in this category were dresses (hated those when I was much younger), shoes, earrings etc.

Unconsciously some items were put in this slot because of something your parents might have said, sometimes because they insisted on your wearing a particular dress, accessory etc when you were going to church or other familiar functions. Remember the Sunday dress or church clothes that were ever only worn on these outings? Yes, that’s how ‘bottom box’ or ‘Sunday best’ evolved for some of us.

As time passed we discovered that we preferred certain clothes to others and if you’re anything like me you might have some strictly worn only at home or the neighbourhood. Others for more formal occasions like work and related functions. The parties, hang-outs and other less structured events also have their categories too. Certainly you also discover that you really like some just because…

Many years back I had clothes I’d bought and was saving to wear for ‘special’ occasions. All that changed when a good friend of mine died. I realised that keeping them wasn’t worthwhile and that life was fragile and to be enjoyed. I already knew that but her death really drove the point home and all specially designated items became regular wear!

Nowadays I don’t have any bottom box items per se, although there are certain items (could be a wristwatch, pair of shoes, earrings et al) that I really like. I tend to use them more often but nothing in my wardrobe is extra special that I can’t give up or even wear and sit around at home if I so choose. So what’s your bottom box experience?

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  1. for me “bottom box” in recent times are those items i’m not too keen on. if i like the outfit or accessory…. i wear it to “bits” 🙂

  2. Christie Isidahomhen

    I guess we all had bottom box clothes one time other. Well… I LOVE SHOES!! I had bottom box shoes way back when I was only 10 years old. My Dad had bought me this pair of “wet look” strappy sandals to complement my cream coloured dress for Christmas, but he had shopped for Christmas in November of that year. I had gone shopping with him and fell in love with the sandals as soon as I saw them on display at the then Bata Shop! I guess I had “tried on” those sandals a million times before Christmas day! I would wear them when I was home alone and practice how I’d walk with them on the D-Day! I literarily walked on air wearing those shoes on Xmas day! I had felt like Cinderella! After then they became my bottom box shoes till I outgrew them…It was such a pain to give them up a couple of years later. Yeah..I still have some “special occassion” shoes and clothes today sha.

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