Must a Girlfriend cook for her Boyfriend?

Kids say the darnest things, is a pretty old show but hilarious and also thought provoking if you look at the flip side. It gives you insight into how children think when you stop to think about it. Sometimes the initial reaction is mirth and gales of laughter because they’re pretty funny too. In real life various scenarios occur worldwide that can be likened to kids say, the sad part about some of these conversations is that it’s the equivalent of a seventeenth century worldview in the new millennium. Furthermore, the person that actually made the statement should know better!

I happened to be in the vicinity when Betty challenged Humphrey about his grocery shopping a few days earlier. She didn’t mince any words when she mocked him about being tight fisted. Apparently she caught him when he’d just returned from the market and she saw part of a yam tuber peeking out of the bags he carried. She berated him for not letting his girlfriend do such a domestic chore because he was penny pinching. Furthermore, Betty let him know that the next time she bumped into the babe, she’d interview her to try and find out why he was the one doing it.

Betty thought that since his madam sometimes spent the weekend there was no reason why she shouldn’t ‘help’ with the domestic side of things. There was nothing Humphrey could say that convinced her he wasn’t a miser. He laughed, oomphed and aahed in protest but there was nothing he said that changed Betty’s mind. When I asked what his ‘defence’ was he couldn’t understand why in the world a woman ought to be the one shopping for him. He agreed that he had a girlfriend quite alright but she wasn’t his maid after all.

Humphrey knew his babe wasn’t his mother or his wife and since he was a functioning adult and knew how to shop and where the market was located, there was really nothing wrong with him doing his own shopping. Thankfully he can cook and did the honours immediately he got home. Why be dependent on someone else for what he could do himself?

Like I said I was in the vicinity when the exchange took place and I was slightly puzzled at Betty’s view that it was the girlfriend’s duty to shop and cook for him. Her stance that the woman ought to fill the domestic role of caregiver even when not obliged was something I thought strange. Yes she’s dating the man, but where is it written that she must help him shop or cook?! Certainly there are instances when she might feel like doing so but I don’t think it’s compulsory or part of her job description as a girlfriend.

I’m sure it didn’t occur to Betty that Humphrey’s girlfriend may not know how to cook. She may also not know how to get the best bargains in the market either. There are some women that absolutely HATE shopping but love cooking. There are also some that the reverse is also the case and there are some that can’t be bothered about either and manage to live just fine too. On the flip side, there are men that their cooking is to die for and don’t mind being in the kitchen and other domestic chores too.

One thing I know is that gender roles are not what they used to be and some folks (either gender!) aren’t comfortable with this development. These people understand and are alright with traditional roles of what’s become ‘normal’ for men or women. I’m sure that there are some areas where I might squirm too and I don’t even know it. On this topic, I’m certainly not in support of Betty’s stance. So do you believe a girlfriend MUST cook and shop for her boyfriend? Speak out folks.

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  1. I support “Humphrey”!;-)=

  2. Christie Isidahomhen

    No, a girl friend, or fiancee for that matter, is not under any obligation to cook for either boyfriend or fiance. Some people regard it as “showing love” or respect and stuff like that…well I don’t! Am not saying it’s a taboo to help out at times but am wary of “starting what I can’t finish” Before long, someone begins to behave as though it’s your responsibility to take on such things way before it actually is! Naaah! Ladies,chill…You’ll have more than enough to cook, wash, clean, scrub, etc, after you say ” I do!” Then, you know that “khaki no be leather!”

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