School Uniforms and Current Trends

It’s been quite some time since I was required to wear a school uniform. Thankfully I never had one that made me cringe or daze the eyes with the colour combination either! Sadly that’s not the tale many children have to tell nowadays, especially those in private schools. Public schools still manage to stay somewhat sane, but you be the judge.

I sometimes wonder if the person (people) that thought about the style i.e. shorts or trousers for the boys and pinafore, skirt, blouses or dresses for the girls even considered the colours when this decision was made. This springs to mind when I see combinations I would never have imagined (not even for a wedding!) walk past on school children after a day’s learning. Pink and lemon green, bright orange and blue, yellow with black and blue stripes etc., there are more but some are so horrible my mind simply refuses to recall them. Numbed with shock more like…

Is it that the proprietor had a council of trolls or goblin advisers? Maybe colour blind relatives got to choose what innocent children would run around in. Again it could have been pleasing to their ears and eyes when they thought it up. I could be too harsh in this and these are simply colours the person or people liked and felt it would be nice to see students all decked out in. Whatever muse helped with some school uniforms we realise that they aren’t above cruelty in their jokes aka inspiration.

For the students it’s not really an issue because hundreds of them all wear the same thing every day. They take lessons together, play and some even go home with each other. If they ever considered the combo they soon got over it. Philosophically, those that aren’t too fond of it will reason they aren’t alone and that one day they’ll stop. On the other hand some issues aren’t to be obsessed about either. So maybe I’m the only one that just thinks some colours are odd together and some downright off limits.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t ever in this category. The primary colours of blue and red with white featured in primary school, whilst grey white and green were those for secondary school. The green was introduced when a smart adult thought grey wasn’t patriotic enough for a unity school. In all no trauma or drama and so a model balanced student (me of course) emerged from the system. Thankfully all that became history in university, when we exchanged uniforms for the more relaxed undergrad ‘dress code’.

An exchange of one set of togs for yet more conformity. Society ensures that socialization starts early enough so that everyone gets it. Thus, horrendous uniforms for the young and indoctrination of what’s considered ‘acceptable’ is instilled. Years later the magazines, fashion police and the celebs set the trend of what we should or should not wear. So the official guidelines exist in various organisations and society at large. Thankfully, the colour combinations are now left to individual interpretations.

Flicking through magazines, channels and more we still come across those people that remind us of those school children compelled to wear those garish colours for years on end. We certainly don’t understand their excuse (it’s in vogue and all the rage being the most ‘reasonable’) is for still doing this but now that it’s a choice we leave them to it. After all if not for them and their ilk, we certainly wouldn’t have programmes like the Fashion Police to watch and talk about. It seems we just exchange one set of togs for another. Or how do you see it?





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  1. “Is it that the proprietor had a council of trolls or goblin advisers…”.very funny!Only u Seyi…

  2. me i wear what i like and makes me feel good when i look at my reflection. trend or no trend!!! at the same time i do appreciate knowing what direction fashion is going.

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