Count Your Blessings

A friend nudged me in the direction of this post and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. However, for those that don’t believe in God or His goodness, this piece is not for you. I make no apologies either but still urge you to read because I’m sure it’ll make sense by the time you’re done. Monini thank you for the suggestion and hope you get something from my thoughts.

Many times we think we’ve gotten the short end of the stick and there’s absolutely no reason to be thankful. All the prayers haven’t been answered and in fact it seems things are going south! Murphy’s Law seems to be the norm rather than occasional and we despair the sun will come out. This sounds familiar and more often than not, we’ve all been there. In fact that seemed to be my permanent address one time. Never mind that my temperament also had a lot to do with it.

Quite frequently we forget the good times when cats, dogs and other ‘catastrophes’ literally pour down. We forget the job He provided when the market had bombed out and everybody said it was impossible to get one (never mind a good one). The time the baby had colic and your husband gave you a break and sat up with her. That time you forgot your umbrella but managed to make it for that meeting without getting drenched.

What about the instance a one thousand naira note (your last cash) dropped from your bag and if not for the lady that chased you to return it you would have been stranded. The time you felt slightly dejected and a friend called or sent a text or BB message that brightened your day. What about the man that held the door open when the children were acting up? That compliment from a total stranger that lifted your spirit.

We’ve all had instances of these seemingly ‘little’ encounters. In those situations they were certainly not little by any means and made a world of difference! They cheered us up, gave us hope and made the world seem like a much brighter place. As a result of the nature of bad things, we often major on the minors and minor on the majors. If we pause to reflect the many good things far outweigh the bad, but unfortunately in that instance we don’t see it.

Like everyone else I had this dilemma and found a perfect solution. I decided to start recording the ‘little’ things so that if (when more likely) the low moments happen I’ll have something to remember and be thankful for. A while back I re-read the portion of the Old Testament where one of the kings couldn’t sleep and told his secretary to read from the records. I think he thought it would bore him enough to sleep; anyway he came across a good deed done by Mordecai that had gone unrewarded. We know how that turned out i.e. Hamman had to eat crow and be a crucial part of Mordecai’s reward.

When I saw this account I made up my mind to start writing down the many things that are easy to overlook. In fact it’s very easy to discount them as God at work and chalk them up as coincidences. Whatever they are, I’m not taking any more chances but choose to be thankful for them. Reading through always makes me happy and shows me God’s involvement.

Keeping a record helps me keep track of God’s faithfulness in my life. I don’t listen to cynics who sneer that happenstance is all they really are. The fact that I wake up on a daily basis is enough for me to be grateful about and I’m certainly not taking that for granted either! So be deliberate when you count your blessings people and you’ll be surprised at the things God has done! Trust me I know. Anyone else agree with me?


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  1. I totally agree with you my sister. You’re very correct. I think i’ll inculcate that habit in that scripture of writing down the seemingly mundane things around but powerful enough we could have being short-lived without them. I love your writings. I will like to link up with you one day in Church. Have you heard of Miff Tree? Cheers!

  2. I agree . It has worked wonders for me when I am at my ebb, though difficult I choose to remember that in his faithfulness, God woke me up this morning. And I say He didn’t do that to make me suffer ke.

  3. I agree.I decided to always write the things I am grateful for too so thet when the bad guy comes knocking that is what I put before me and not the one or two things almost seen. Thanks for the post.

  4. I totally agree with you, Seyi! Your piece reminds me of my mum’s favorite hymn which says:

    “Sometimes a light surprises
    A Christian while he sings
    It is the Lord who rises
    With healing in his wings”

    Sometimes just a little light, a little act of kindness can remind us if God’s unwavering faithfulness.


  5. I do agree. Not one day passes without my seeing God at work. Even the mistakes/accidents are all part of God’s plan and I’ve learnt to be grateful. Thanks for reminding us

    • @Mama Ebun: He makes our mistakes/accidents work together for our good! Faithful, compassionate and loving God that He is.

  6. I don’t want this to sound like another cliche of “oh what a lovely piece” but this is one of the best Thot provoking ariticles I ever read. It reminded me of how God showed up big time for me when I screwed up on a job cos I didn’t understand the brief i was given but God was a step ahead of me; he provided a crucial prop I needed in advance by the gift and kindness of someone. There was no way I was to know that I would be in dire need of that item the very next day to fix the mistake I made, I just counted it as the kindness of someone not knowing it was God behind the scenes working for my tomorrow. The next day I woke up to a phone call spelling out the crisis of the situation and guess what? I didn’t panic cause I remembered I had that very thing I needed to fix the mess!!!

    It was so humbling to see God going out of his way to show me he is involved with my everyday details. I can’t get over the perfection of his care. To others, the story is just luck n a coincidence but I know better!!!

  7. this woman! you are a great writer. a bit on the low end today so happy i delayed before reading.Thank you

  8. The fact that we can read and write is priceless,though its not easy to remember when things are tough and emotions are low.If in doubt, check out the school for the challenged

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