Phones are Us

We all have relationships, in one form or the other. Personal, professional, intimate, not so cordial and even the downright hostile, some of us have experienced some (maybe even all) these in our relationships. Studying human interactions makes people even more interesting than they already are. However, when a spotlight is beamed on how they relate with inanimate objects…that’s a whole kettle of fish altogether.

Now we relate with technology daily even when we no longer consider as such. With some aspects we’re more familiar and downright intimate. We don’t think twice about it since it’s become second nature. In fact most of us will be befuddled if we don’t have our daily dose, we literally won’t be ourselves. The most common, personal piece of technology we’re most intimate with is of course our mobile phones.

Whether it’s the latest Samsung S4, iPhone, BlackBerry Q10 or Nokia Lumina, this piece of technology often knows more about us than our spouses. It goes everywhere with us and leaving home without it goes against everything we stand for. Getting stripped of it leaves us naked and helpless. Not something our ancestors could understand, even if we tried to explain.

The least number of mobile phones owned by the average Nigerian is two. It’s the common practise in order to sanely circumvent the network issues yet to be ironed out by the telcos. Now that some phones come with dual sims, the number of handsets may have reduced. Anyway, multiple phones are the order of the day and we’ll leave the other gadgets for another day.

Our phones go everywhere with us…everywhere! We sleep with them, eat, attend meetings, go to church and almost every conceivable activity. Some people can’t sleep unless it’s cuddled on the bed or within easy reach. In essence it has simply become an extension of the person. Although it has become the quintessential companion, it has also become the root cause of problems.

If you really look you’ll notice that at one point in time or the other, people simply their phones. They may have just finished a call, maybe listening to music, playing a game etc the mobile phone is usually on display. Despite pockets, bags, pouches and other receptacles created for them, the phone is clearly visible every which way you turn.

It’s always handy and most folks never switch it off. God forbid they miss a call or message that could change their lives…especially in the middle of the night. For some putting it on silent is akin to a knife at their throats and some seem to be oblivious to the fact that a certain volume is unnecessarily loud! Heavily customised through ringtones, covers and cases, each hand set can be as unique or as obnoxious as its owner.

Many can testify to the nuisance a ringing phone is in a cinema hall or place of worship. They also become distractions at company meetings or family time, especially when ground rules were not set. In fact it’s possible to have too much of a good thing and policies on mobile phone usage are now clearly stated at various functions. Some people have also instituted personal phone policies too.

Some are as simple as not answering calls after (or before) a certain time. No phones (or other devices) during dinner or other family gatherings. Some even have certain days in a week or month when they go without using any form of mobile technology. I certainly have my rules when it comes to phones. What (if any) are your personal rules governing your mobile phone use and habits?

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  1. I hardly entertain calls from non-family members outside the hours of 9pm- 8am…

  2. my phone doesn’t control me, it used to but i’ve conqured!lol.

  3. i dont really have any rules. my phone was my my king till i overthrew it. so now i am in control.

  4. I have three phones*covers face*. Only one of my phones rings out. Others are always on silent. It’s ok to call back when I’m available to speak on the phone.

    At dinner time, no screens are allowed: NO TV, NO PHONES NO IPAD.

    That said, I loooove my phone.

    • @Ebun Feludu:With three phones I guess the silent mode keeps you sane enough!Like the dinner table rule. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. I have two phones and love the convenience that my phones afford me. However, I switch them off at bedtime, abeg!Sufficient for the day is the touble thereof! I still thank God for those devices sha…

  6. I love the convenience of phones. I often switch off my phones at bedtime, abeg. Sufficient for the day is the trouble thereof! But, I THANK GOD for those devices sha…

  7. I have 2 phones but they are permanently on silent. I dont even recall their ring tones. I return the calls that I need to. People dont like it but there was life before the phones. People send text if urgent

    • @Nkechi: Yes o…we had a life before the phones came along. Your personal phone policy is something else though I must say and it works for you so kudos!

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