That Dance Face

If you’re anything like me you love music. It doesn’t matter what type be it hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock, traditional, classical or any other classification out there. You like to listen, play and maybe even dance to it! You also have your views about what’s been touted as ‘music’ nowadays but since choice is available you don’t begrudge others theirs.

So I listen to music and play it as often as possible. Thankfully, I can use it to work and so I get to enjoy it during my creative process. In fact it’s saved me countless times when the creativity wasn’t flowing as I would have liked. The times when I just couldn’t get inside a particular mindset it helped unlock it.

As it sometimes happens when enjoying a good song, I tap along, bob my head and I’ve also been known to shake a leg once in a while. This could consist of private moments, with family or even in public. When the music demands it I get up and boogie! I like to think I’m a pretty good dancer and don’t mind showing my stuff.

Although I don’t like to boast or show off, others aren’t so shy when it comes to demonstrating their prowess. They grind, bump, do the azonto, itighi and the latest steps any opportunity they can get. Obviously some have the dance ‘bug’ or ‘craze’ and dance at the slightest provocation. They don’t take it lightly and when you catch a glimpse of their faces you know exactly what I mean…

There’s a ‘dance face’ the vast majority of people don when on the dance floor. It’s pretty interesting to see because it comes in all sorts of guises. For some it’s a grimace of fierce concentration, on others it looks like a smirk or leer. An almost blank mask shows on others and words can’t quite describe other expressions I’ve seen.

Interestingly enough, we all have a ‘dance face’. Unwittingly, it seems we automatically don a mask when we hIt the floor. I almost laughed myself silly the day I realised I was also afflicted. Now I’m more conscious though since I’m not sure how I really look! Trying to record it has also not been as successful as I’d have liked.

Another discovery is that the ‘face’ can be more than the actual dance. You can watch a good dancer and enjoy what you see. Other times you can get distracted and forget to see the dancing. The face rather than the steps does the dancing and it’s not a pretty sight when this happens. Once I caught myself doing this and I just cracked up, it was really hilarious but at that point in time I couldn’t change my dance face. Changing it meant losing concentration and messing up my steps.

Letting the music take us places comes with a price that ends up etched on the face. Again maybe the very physical nature of dances today also has something to do with it. Dancing blues doesn’t require so much concentration or activity either. This slow dance is done in soft lights to even softer music. Slow dancing could be the solution to the problem of the ‘dance face’.

Music does so much and I’m sure there are loads of people for whom it’s essential. I’ll continue to enjoy it every which way I can as I listen and dance too. Face or not I’ll not rob myself from doing something I enjoy. It’s the weekend again and since music helps me relax I’ll go right ahead and put on my dancing shoes. Will you join me?

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