Wardrobe Malfunctions 2

Have you read the first piece with the same title? Don’t miss out because it’s really good stuff, promise! Anyway, I’ve found myself in some awkward situations over the years and I know I’m not alone. There have been times when what to say, or do with respect to other people’s appearance was a predicament…

It’s easy enough to have a wardrobe malfunction, forget to zip up, miss a crucial button and there you are. Those instances when you suddenly realised (in public) that your shirt was agape. Unfortunately you only found out when you noticed that you were getting more stares than usual. You felt totally hot and knew you were, but it was way more than that!

Has a stranger ever told you about an open fly? Well about two weeks ago (early Monday morning) on the streets of Victoria Island I saw a young lady in just that state. I smiled at her and caught her eye; the next thing I know…she took evasive action! Thankfully the road was deserted and even though she was now behind me I turned around and told her. Hopefully she rectified the situation because I wasn’t sure if she heard what I said, since I couldn’t very well shout.

It’s pretty easy to help another woman take her zipper up all the way, especially when she’s seated right in front of you. Adjusting her blouse to cover her bra strap is also no inconvenience. Giving out a safety pin to help as a temporary solution is also child’s play. I’ve also been rescued when I found a friend to lend needle and thread to sort out a potentially disastrous situation. A blade does miracles with problematic zips.

I’ve discreetly pointed out and indicated missing or opened buttons and zips, split seams, tiny tears and more to other women. Quite a number of them have been total strangers. Telling someone of the same gender is much easier. Doing the same with men (personally) is a little bit harder.  Telling a man his fly is undone is tricky. Have you seen this before? As a woman were you able to tell him? Was it a stranger, acquaintance or friend? Which do you think would be easier to inform?

I’ve been in that sticky place before and the only thing I could do was look away. I kept quiet. It was a relief that nothing embarrassing was on display because if had then I would have really been clueless! Although there were other guys around there wasn’t any I could ask to tell him and no female to put heads together with to sort it out. The silent route saved everyone overall embarrassment.

We’ve all had really cringe worthy incidents we thought as scandalous. Some we thought we’d never live down and others were easily shrugged off. Whichever was easier could still happen again and again and again. Despite our best intentions wardrobe malfunctions will happen in real life and some in full public glare. I’m certainly glad I’m not a celebrity that has those moments amplified a zillion times over, on the news, newspapers, gossip blogs, YouTube etc.

No matter how many people witnessed my shame I’ve been able to quickly and quietly (thankfully) get over them. I know that I’ve also been instrumental in helping many others surmount similar hurdles as well. Attention to detail, an eagle eye and simple admiration go a long way in our assessment of self and others. A whispered word of caution can save a life…especially when it’s yours.  What was your last wardrobe malfunction and how did you survive it?

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  1. Hummmm, my last experience was really hilarious, I am sure you don’t want to hear it.lols,lols,lols.

  2. Mine was at church yesterday. I apparently did not zip up completely and didnt notice till i got back home.
    I freaked out and ran to the mirror to check- LUCKILY my long hair had covered up the affected area.

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