Good to be back!

I’ll start by saying I missed sharing my usual Tuesday and Friday posts. Secondly, I’m awfully sorry for being gone for such a long while and also not giving you any prior notice. It was pure torture for me but quite unavoidable. There was just no way I could do what had to be done and still meet my weekly publishing deadlines.

An unexpected invitation kicked it off and left me unable to publish anything this month…at least until now. In the days ahead you’ll get to read about my trip to Ekiti State and some of my experiences in the short but intense four days there.

Adventure cloaked in work called and I seized it by the throat…little did I know that before the time was done I would be given severe anatomical lessons I would not forget in a hurry. My body subjected to a magnitude of stress it never known and reacted in several unexpected ways. This included extreme back aches, tension headaches and a very numb butt to boot. Other body parts ┬álike my thighs and calves added their voice and so pain became a constant companion.

It got to a point when all I could do was stand because sitting was not an option. It went beyond that to a place when pacing the floor was the only way to get a semblance of relief from the pain. I couldn’t sustain the walking and standing either because I had work to do. Sitting for long periods was the order of the day and so the cycle was further exacerbated…

Unlike some, I have a bedtime and also a time to arise, this was thrown out the window the second night. Normalcy would only be restored once back in the centre of excellence and not after two full days dedicated to resting and getting my strength back. Paramount for full restoration was reclining (on all surfaces) and keeping pressure off my buttocks.

You also rightly guessed that going out or entertainment of any sort was not done within these two days of my return. Thankfully it was during the weekend and my social calendar (such as it is) didn’t have any pressing engagement. If there had been I would immediately have conveyed my regrets and grovelled at a later date.

Some firsts on this trip (and overall too!) included fixing eyelashes and a first photo shoot. Pretty late to be wearing artificial lashes for the first time…I know but since it’s not something I’ve really felt was necessary. To be candid I didn’t see the need but the make-up expert did and I had to bow to her superior knowledge. It took some getting used to but thankfully just for a few hours!

One of the things obviously brought to the fore there was how extremely flat Lagos is. I love Lasgidi and will defend it (with the sword if need be) against slander and haters of every creed but with rocks, slopes and various valleys that abound and make the scenery more breath taking in Ekiti, the Lagos skyline was bland in comparison.

During my trip I got to appreciate my routines, home and possessions all over again. The things I’ve learned to take for granted e.g. consuming gallons of tea at the drop of a hat and other humdrum chores are no longer mundane. There’s no place like home and it’s not to be traded for anything.

I look forward to the next adventure but until it surfaces I’ll content myself with putting the deadline behind me and settle down to boring yet again.


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