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Sometimes it’s a little hard to find what my weekly columns will be about. Incredible, I know but it happens and I try to be open so that I’ll find the topic, thoughts and all before publishing day arrives. Like you know days are running furiously and at times I’m not successful enough. So kindly help a girl out and send suggestions my ways…

We all know the BlackBerry is outdated and its days are numbered but whilst some of us still wield and use it I must rant about the etiquette…or lack thereof of some users. It’s quite sad to say that some of us frequently exhibit this trait and some not at all. The latter category I’m not but a discerning and considerate user I try to be. To say I’m weary of crude jokes, unnecessary and inaccurate information and more would be an understatement.

We all know those tired jokes that have made the rounds and we get them often enough. What I sincerely don’t understand are those that don’t scan ‘friends’ they think will appreciate it and send. Rather they send jokes that are in often poor taste to their entire list. In those instances I just wonder what the person was thinking (if at all!) and why I had to be involved.

Creating a list is simple enough, so making one for business associates, friends, family and whatever you like is available. It seems we really couldn’t be bothered and believe everyone finds what we send riveting. When I find someone has become a pest enough and I can’t take much more, I utilise the delete option. Yes, I said it I’ve actually deleted contacts for things like this.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not done with joy but in order to maintain my sanity. I’ve also been deleted too and since I believe anyone can choose to exercise their freedom of choice I also wield mine in a discerning manner. Was I shocked to have been deleted? Yes of course. Was I upset? Not really because once I finished analysing the relationship I realised that there wasn’t anything we couldn’t discuss either on the phone, through a text message or email.

Personally I believe that exchanging PINs means you’re either quite close, need regular info that you’d rather not pay too much to exchange, friends and all the other worthwhile reasons people come up with. Those that use it for business are quite resilient and I’m totally amazed at that. For one if I was to do that I think I would have two i.e. one personal and the other business. When I discover a personal PIN has been commercialised or given to someone else other then the person I gave it to, I opt out of the relationship…on BB!

Of course at times I purposely include those that regularly bombard me with ‘useless’ information in broadcast messages I also send out. I try and send these as sparingly as possible and only to those I believe might benefit although one can never be too certain about these things. With this group of people I include them even when they don’t happen to be preferred. Childish I know but until I de-list them they will suffer for it.

So my philosophy is not to be embarrassed if you’ve been removed from anyone’s BlackBerry contact list. The same emotion should be absent if (when seems more apt though) it calls for you to do the same. Sweating little things like this should be avoided as any reason is good enough to be removed. Life goes on despite the fact you erased a contact or were bumped off yourself.

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