Tick tock 2

Time adds up, from seconds to minutes to hours and then days, weeks and years. We’re obsessed with calculating it and trying to maximise it and best of all we try to make sure we don’t waste it. The most precious commodity on the planet and one that’s nebulous at best. I’ve dwelt on how 2013 is winding down and as I write I also reflect on what time has given me through the 361days past.

Time adds up like I said earlier and through birthdays and anniversaries to mark other notable occasions we remember significant moments. Often times it’s these footnotes that demarcate how far we’ve come despite how recent some events might seem. One thing’s sure, memory is fallible and can be deceptive too, details tend to fade and after a while different versions arise from the same incident. Time waits for no man and its one thing that every single human being is subject to.

I don’t know about the next person but I’m usually reflective on my birthday and think over the past year and evaluate etc. Hindsight is a real eye-opener and the topmost emotion at that time of the year is gratitude. This is the same thing at this time of the year and when one thinks about family, close friends and others you’re privy to their story that’s often the common thread we all share during this season. As we hit another landmark we soberly reflect on what lies ahead and how to make it better than our experiences so far.

Some will write New Year resolutions, others will have a plan and yet some detailed strategies for personal, business and other spheres of their lives. Everyone desires better times, things and relationships than the year before and so will examine how best to accomplish this with the resources (or lack thereof) available. They will also recall the instances when in spite of shortfalls they still got the results they wanted and more besides. One thing most people should acknowledge but some will be sceptical to do so, is the fact that there’s an X factor in life and no matter how hard one tries…it’s sometime difficult to place a finger on it.

For me it’s pretty simple and straightforward that my X factor is God. A huge claim I know but God has my back all the time and gives my life meaning. There have been times when things seemed bleak and without Him it would all seem pretty pointless. I might not know what He’s up to when things appear hairy but I know He has my interest utmost on His mind and everything working to fulfil His agenda.

People that don’t share my belief are probably rolling their eyes and all (if they haven’t closed this page yet!) but as far as I’m concerned it’s only commonsense to realise He exists. My years get more interesting as I’ve come to accept that more often than not there are plans I have no inkling about and that will play out in spite of me. The results (once I eventually come around even if I don’t fully understand what happened) always run deeper and have a ripple effect. Living by faith has its rewards and moments that far out last the last rush you’ve ever had.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’ve always believed in going it alone and sorting out the details of your year all by your lonesome that a change in tactics might be the best thing you’ve ever done. Asking for help, advise and also giving a helping hand to others might just be what will make 2014 spectacular for you.

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