Tick tock 3

I never intended that this be a series but it’s turned out to be one and herein is the third and final part! This has also shown me how life can evolve and things happen generally without your planning or guidance. All morning I’ve been thinking of what I’ll write and the direction today’s column will be. Especially since it’s New Year’s Eve and 2014 is only a few hours away.

I finally decided that I’ll encourage everyone that reads my blog to live a little in the year ahead. By this I mean that you should make your plans and projections, write your lists and anticipate the next 365 days. Please note that I urge everyone to plan ahead and do what they know to do to make it a success in every aspect. However, at the same time it’s also right to make room for God to do things and also do them in His own way and time too.

Yes, once again I’ve brought up the God factor and the fact that it’s important to leave room for Him to move in our lives. You might call these instances lucky, coincidences or whatever you choose but strange things do happen and quite a number of them are good. One thing we realise in those instances is that you can’t ‘plan’ for them or know exactly when they’ll occur. Happen they will and if the person experiencing them is hung up on their perceived understanding and limited vision they could miss the entire thing or not respond appropriately.

We all know that some surprises are also not the good type and often enough when we reflect some could have been avoided. In cases where it’s clearly not something like that we have to surmise that evil too is out there and busily wrecking havoc in every way possible. This means we have to do everything humanly possible to guard against careless mistakes that could be used against us. Some things we can do include locking doors, gates, keeping passwords and PINs safe, vigilance in strange neighbourhoods, avoid going about at odd hours etc., these precautions are normal and should not be overlooked.

In some cases we could be warned before things happen and this could be in the form of a reluctance (on our part) to go somewhere, a delay through traffic, a colicky child, nosy neighbour and such. There are times we’re totally clueless and things happen out of the blues, when this takes place we must be careful how we respond as well no matter how grave the situation. Easier said than done I know, but it is possible so remember when seemingly insurmountable events occur that God is right there with you and you only have to call and ask Him to show Himself on that spot you find yourself.

Make room for God in 2014 and see what happens! Don’t work out every single detail and ensure that by so doing you’ve worked Him right out of it altogether. He loves you and has so many surprises up His sleeves…things that won’t readily occur to you guys so give Him space and watch you make allowances for Him to move and do what He does best I know you’ll not be disappointed.

So get ready, make those plans because you’re in for an outstanding year. I’m thinking, praying, and making ready for 2014 and all that it has in store for me. I’ll not dwell on the unknown and let fear hold sway but face the future with faith and confidence in my Creator that has so much in store! Happy New Year and may it be all you desire it to be and SO MUCH MORE!

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