A Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s only proper to start and pray that may this year be all you desire it to be and so much more in every single aspect that concerns you and all yours. As the holidays are well and truly over quite a number of people have resumed work and so their nose is firmly back to the grind stone. For some the pressure may not be quite as much and co-workers might also seem to be more at ease than the last few weeks of 2013. There are those reading this that haven’t a clue to what I mean because nothing seems to have changed in the workplace because the cutthroat pace is what still obtains.

Whichever category you happen to be in please remember that you determine how you respond no matter what it looks like. It is a New Year after all and setting the tone for the months ahead is crucial no matter what aspect of business. Professionalism, excellence, integrity, delivery of results and other great traits will definitely breed good will, pleasant memories and repeat custom from clients and partners alike. This is what every business person strives for and tries to replicate continually in each transaction.

Seeking to initiate processes within a system that delight customers and bring repeat business is not an easy feat and requires constant refining, training and selection of personnel and processes too. Hard work cannot be sugar coated and even when it doesn’t look difficult or seems totally contrary…it still takes some doing. There have been instances when the temptation to write off another person’s ‘work’ arises and not until one has been put on the spot before you discover that although it might seem easy it’s anything but! Anything done well involves labour (of any and every sort) and appreciating this for everyone we encounter will give us a better appreciation of diverse fields.

A broader mind, better understanding and extending grace to others in the work place and elsewhere will make for more meaningful interactions on every level. Relationships will flourish as will other things affected by those relating without the involved parties realising the consequence of the ripple effect. Ultimately working on oneself to be better rather than trying to tinker with others is a more solid plan for a better year. In other words once you remove the log in your eyes your vision will be the better for it as will be your life.

2014 is a year that holds much promise and getting ‘me’ right affects every other thing. How interrelated we are can be totally scary especially when selfishness is exponentially multiplied in society. Thinking a little less of self and working more for the whole will make for a better society and happier individuals. To discover the truth in this, just think back to how you felt the last time you did a good deed, no matter how little or inconsequential it might have seemed. Nothing beats that feeling and remembering it causes you to experience it over and over again.

Let 2014 be the year you deliberately set out to make great memories. Even in very complicated and hard situations, determine to do good and learn in each situation. Easier said than done I know but totally possible. It rests on each of us to make what we will in our lives and often times doing good deeds is much easier than any other thing. Trust your gut and do what it tells you when the chips are down. Although you may have trained yourself to go against the grain, it’s never too late to learn self trust.

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