Double Take

Have you ever been in a gathering where you felt like a fish out of water? The only reason you were there was to support a friend or someone in the family and you could hardly wait to escape. If pictures are taken making sure you appear is essential so that there’s evidence of your presence. I’m sure we’ve all been there and we know the discomfort that comes with the terrain.

Sometimes in the course of events you sometimes spy someone smiling very warmly at you and you realise you haven’t a clue who they are. To keep up appearances you smile in return and look away but the next thing you know the person’s beside you ready for a full blown conversation. Everything’s finally explained when it turns out that it’s a case of mistaken identity. Like it’s been said everyone has a double and if a photo is produced we can sometimes see the semblance but more often than not we don’t.

I’m fascinated by twins and more so by the identical version. Incidentally I have neighbours that have both i.e. fraternal and identical. I have no problem differentiating one set (obviously) and I’m constantly confusing the others! Yes o, I’m sure I’ve never, ever gotten their names right and since they’re constantly switching personalities my radar’s totally off too. It turns out that the friendly one this week wasn’t so last week and the shy one the week before wasn’t quite that way a fortnight ago.

I think it must be pretty cool to look into some else’s face and see the exact same features look right back at you. I’m certain that realistically though identical twins don’t think they look alike, I’m sure they could both point out a million and one things that clearly set them apart. Unlike the younger versions at home I  know two brothers and it’s the friendlier of the set that helps me know which of them I’m on speaking terms with because left to me I can’t tell them apart…now that the second also says hello I’m not sure how my system will work now.

Family always knows the difference when it comes to twins and even if they try and explain an outsider still won’t ‘get’ because living together and regular interaction makes it obvious. The same goes for their friends and those that see them regularly. Total strangers and acquaintances pretty much mix them up and get confused when they encounter doubles. I saw a YouTube video where a child met her dad’s identical twin for the first time…double take and amazement was written all over her.

Genes don’t lie and this is demonstrated in families time and again with siblings clueless until it gets pointed out publicly. Growing up no one’s concerned about semblance and most don’t even think about it either. When pointed out those involved sometimes can’t see what others do but may sometimes concede to it although not in all cases. Some genes skip generations and cousins may end up looking more like siblings rather than a more distant connection as the case may be.

I know I’m not the only one that try as hard as I can I try to see how exactly I look like my sister (at least one or them) but I still haven’t found it  and maybe one day I will. The other things like similar voices and some other character traits I readily spot. Looking through childhood pictures shows uncanny likeness between a nephew or a niece and sometimes another sibling but it’s all good I guess since blood will speak and just goes to show. Is there anyone you’ve discovered you look like or been told you resemble?

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  1. LOL. I remember how I used to force myself to smile when my twin’s friends whom i didn’t know rushed to say hello, or waved frantically, while i am clueless as to who they were… I waved back lol

    • @Taiwo: It’s pretty good of you to response since they had no clue it was the other her and not really her;) You guys must have developed loads of patience because of the mirror likeness. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. Growing up, my immediate elder sister and I were always told we looked alike, and for the life of me, I NEVER (still don’t) see any resemblance between both of us.

    So when we were out together, words like ‘Una be twins?’and ‘You look so much alike'(really???!rang in the air. Alone, someone would scream: ‘Marie! Come to my house tomorrow.’ from a moving car and I’d respond impulsively for national peace.
    On her part, she wasn’t so nice to my own friends: ‘Excuse me, I’m not Idolor!’

    • @Idolor: We never see the similarities do we? That’s one of the funniest things about this situation. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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