Unexpected Detour

I didn’t realise I could detest watching a movie so much! I’ve seen some I didn’t really care for the ending, the story line or even some of the characters but to be thoroughly disgusted at the way a story was mangled was something new for me.  It would have been better and more meaningful if it had been set in an alternate universe. The spin on parts of this familiar story was ludicrous.

This was the first time that my cinematic experience was less than satisfactory. I was hopping mad and thought my time could have been better served doing something else. Maybe I set myself up for this one, not having read the reviews or asked if anyone I knew had watched it. I got carried away with the powerful all familiar story that has always intrigued me, the cast was another factor that sold it to me.

If only I’d bothered to do some or maybe one of the above, I could have been delivered from the disaster I witnessed on Monday. In times past I’ve read some movie reviews but still wasn’t moved since I was enamoured with the actor in the lead role. For instance as far as I’m concerned Johnny Depp can do no wrong…that’s my opinion and we’ll leave it at that. On the other hand I’m not convinced whether either alternative would have prevented my eventual outlook.

As far as I was concerned Hollywood had totally gotten it wrong this time. Giving it some more thought, maybe it was the director or it could have been the screen writer. Moreover the studio executives must share the blame because they decided to invest in producing what I’d just seen. The actors cannot escape because they read the script and felt it was a story they were happy to interpret.

I sincerely blame Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson and the rest of the cast for dashing my hopes. Sterling individual performance was given by members of the cast, the special effects and trappings that make a Hollywood blockbuster were all there, but for me in this instance every-single-thing-fell-flat. I’m certain that if I’d waited to watch it on DSTV, YouTube or gotten the soft copy and seen it on my pc some other time I wouldn’t be so aggrieved.

The fact that I went to the cinema theatre for this epic was a major part of why I was so upset. I found myself hissing, shaking my head, muttering and almost shouting when watching the story unfold. I felt cheated to say the least and stayed on in the belief that somehow it would redeemed somewhat before the credits started scrolling. Alas, this was not to be and I left with a duty to warn any and everyone so that they could avoid the debacle titled, Noah.

Anyone that wants to see Russell Crowe should probably watch a re-run of Gladiator or any of his other movies. This is not to say that he didn’t bring his mojo to the character, he did, but if the story is one of the reasons you watch movies, then this version may not be your cup of tea. Another person may see this movie and wonder what in the world I’m on about, but remember we’re all entitled to our opinions. This is my account of an unpleasant experience I’ve decided to share in a public forum.

There were some bright sparks in the story telling but these were few and far between in an otherwise bleak movie production. I’ll shake this off and put it far behind me, but now maybe I’ll be more inclined to read more reviews and ask people’s opinions but not everyone. Do you think that will help prevent a repeat occurrence?

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  1. Welcome to the world of Hollywood. I am sure you are referring to the movie Noah. I was planning to go watch but when I heard his interview when the movie premiered in London last week, I knew I would not waste my money going to the cinema. However, I would say a good thing has come out of this misinterpretation of the Bible. A lot of people have reportedly picked up their Bibles to check out the true story. That is God still getting the glory…

    • @Mama Ebun:You’re right it’s gotten people reading the Bible to find the real story and God gets the glory.

  2. I haven’t watched it but I’ve read some reviews. Based on that i have this to say in agreement with one of the reviews; If you are going to watch just any movie then you’d enjoy it but if you are going to see the story of Noah as is popularly known in the bible story, you’ll be greatly disappointed. It is not the story of Noah of the bible but Noah of Hollywood. 😀

  3. I like that …’Noah of Hollywood’ …perhaps more apt!

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