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A popular quote, “talk is cheap” has been proven drastically wrong time and time again. In fact the 21st century keeps inventing ways to prove just how much the person really missed the mark. The talking heads (a.k.a. news presenters, anchors) talk show hosts on radio and television, radio and have managed to make a living from exercising their vocal cords. Let me not start on the new social media sensations that have amassed fortunes, fans, followers and stalkers too

This introduction points out the fact that as normal as speech seems, its right use (or misuse) often brings unprecedented recognition for some. Personally I don’t believe in talking too much and certainly not for the sake of hearing my own voice either. In fact the first time I heard my voice on a recording, I was in shock because (to me) it sounded nothing like me! So if a soothsayer had predicted I would be a presenter on a radio show I would definitely have laughed myself silly.

Fast forward to the present day and that’s where I stand. Like these things happen, it dates back a few years ago…four years or thereabouts. I met a young lady that won a prize for her poem in an online community that I happened to manage. We struck up a friendship and sometime last year she told me about her concept for a radio show and asked me to be one of the presenters.

We all have comfort zones and definitely I knew mine wasn’t airing my opinions publicly on the airwaves (on the other hand tapping away on a keyboard and clicking publish is so easy), so I was inclined to reply quite emphatically, ‘NO THANKS.’ However, Taiwo told me to think it over and let her know, wisely adding there was no pressure either. To be polite I decided to give it a few days before turning the offer down because it just did not fit.

During this period I heard something that set me on a different path, this comment was along the line of being open to leave comfort zones and encountering destiny as you do. When I thought about this in line with the offer, I decided to bite the bullet and let the chips fall where they will. It’s strange that with my sense of adventure this was not my first inclination. This adventure is a year in the making (first programme aired in September 2013) and the result has had me venture more out of my skin with each topic and other developments surrounding the programme.

Women find it relatively easy to chat, about almost anything! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been newly introduced or known each other for ages. So it is with my co-presenters (Taiwo, Anu, Ngozi and Yemi) we talk about many things, some easier (for me) than others and it’s been quite a ride. Discovering a topic is the major part of the work, doing adequate research on it is pretty interesting and the best part, sitting down to hash it out in the studio.

Inevitably we sometimes derail and find more intricate options of that theme to wrangle over, but always thirty minutes flies too quickly. Listener participation by text messages and via social media also gives it additional depth as more views are included. Anchoring for the first time gave me major stage fright that still visits whenever duty calls. Guests add a new twist and excitement to the status quo.

Season two has introduced new dimensions for the show, these have also destabilised me and brought new unease in the process. For some one that literally stops talking once she’s tired (nothing but the truth) and is essentially private, this has been a really big deal! Fun, laughter and education about life and my essence courtesy of talking, not something I would have thought about in a million years. What have you done lately that took you out of your comfort zone?



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  1. Awwww! Lovely piece! More talk awaits madam! 😉 nicely done

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