Surprised on Radio

A few months ago, three to be precise, I became part of a conspiracy. No, I’m one of the good guys and this is not a plan to maim and destroy! This version was just the normal one that involves keeping someone in the dark in order to give them a rather pleasant surprise. Since I’m one for adventure and the like…I gleefully dived in.

I’ve been involved with organising surprises, but this one was the longest in planning and execution. As these things start, it began with just one person and then two and many more further down the line. However you will be happy to know that it was cloak and dagger all the way without any leaks whatsoever. You still don’t have a clue what I’m on about right? However, I’m sure you certainly hope there’s a party in there somewhere.

Anyway, this handsome young chap had the idea of throwing a baby shower for his beloved bride. Not just that, he also wanted it to be included on the radio show. Yes people, Girlfriends, the same one I happen to co-host. To answer the inevitable question, yes the ‘victim‘ is also on the show and one of the talking heads I chat with. So began the groundwork to find out how feasible the proposed project was and how to make it happen.

As a newbie on radio, I had to enlist the help of an experienced hand to sort out details. Thankfully, Taiwo was there for me to pester and ask all the questions. It got to a point where the questions she began to ask me went above and beyond what I could answer and thus my role as alarina officially ended. From that stage she took over in order to iron out the nitty – gritty of making the plan a reality. Over the months our planning committee grew from two to four, with yours truly eventually graduating into a consultant as my initial part had been successfully concluded.

I became a cheerleader keeping abreast of all clandestine activities e.g. the time a recce had to be done on location with our dear girlfriend none the wiser. We took advantage of Soji’s leave to gain admission, sort out possible set layout and of course do a test transmission for D-day. By ‘we’ now I’m living vicariously since, (thankfully) only the techies were required for these activities, however as part of the team and the narrator I include myself.

Like it’s sometimes bound to happen, accidents happen and some crockery broke. Since Ngozi has an eye for details like this, Soji had no choice but to enter the market to replace it lest turanci become the order of the day. He felt there was no way he could explain three broken cups, one he could have gotten away with but two…not on her watch.

Managing a surprise party is always tough because keeping it under wraps can be quite a challenge. Some people spill the beans inadvertently; exhibit strange behaviour and other signs make the victim suspicious. I’m happy to say that we managed not to draw inordinate attention and stayed under the radar. By mid-October everyone that was on a need-to-know-basis did and our co-host remained blissfully in the dark.

D day dawned and the only things missing – war paint, fatigues, walkie-talkies, ear pieces and other sophisticated equipment that would have revealed the scale of the operation. However, despite the lack of covert ops gadgets, it was smoothly executed and an overwhelming success. In the last minute countdown though, we had to practically muzzle the children so that all our hard work would not go to waste. When last were you surprised or managed to surprise someone?


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  1. It’s amazing how much pleasant surprises boost the quality of our relationships. It just refreshes things! We should all try it more often.

  2. Awwww sis, weldone….I won’t mind one or two surprises like this. I can’t remember surprising anyone or being surprised you know.

    • @Adebola: Thank you and I can’t take all the credit you know. I’m sure your surprise is just around the corner, you just never know…

  3. Nice one! But personally I don’t like surprises, so I wouldn’t be a good candidate for such an experience….

    • @Angel Works: Is it surprises you don’t like or the fact that you can’t control the turn of events? I’m sure you’ve had one or two. Or could it be those that turned you off them?

      Thank you for sharing all the same 😉

  4. Good point Seyi, you nailed it! The idea of all the planning going on behind my back and not having any idea makes me uneasy…. Having said that, if you get it right and the “target” is delighted, then it’s an amazing feat. So well done.

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