Little Things Count

2015 is here and boy have I begun to learn some major lessons! The most interesting one (so far) has to do with my blog. It’s a pretty important one too because it demonstrates how much we cannot afford to overlook the seemingly ‘small’ things. Anyway, as you probably know I’ve been having issues with logging into and consequently publishing my weekly columns. My last post for 2014 (published today because of the same reason) addressed the numerous frustrations and solutions that had been explored. The entire situation hardened my resolve to find a permanent solution and a return to the status quo of stress-less publishing and sharing with you.

Completely frustrated with the entire mess and on the verge of tears (again) I begged Sam (my superstar IT support guru) to find time so we could seek out the cause. In a bid for a solution I had uninstalled the anti-virus I thought was the culprit, but alas, I still could not gain access to publish. After all the errands and meetings I finally sat down with Sam and in less than five minutes he discovered the problem. Apparently I was using a space where I shouldn’t when faced with the security aspect of verification.

Sam laughed himself silly when he found out and yours truly felt extremely stupid. Aghast I gazed at the screen because the only thing that had prevented me from achieving my weekly goals apparently was me. At the same time the weight of frustration rolled off my shoulders and I was immediately lighter. It finally sunk in that frustrating log-ins, sending columns to Sam for publishing and the subsequent follow up with calls were now no longer part and parcel of my life.

Interestingly the security system installed to ward off hackers was what had become the bane of my existence. Incorrect interpretation of the captcha was where my nightmare began! I could see the letter and number combination, however not realising spaces were not required in any of these permutations was the beginning of the horror story. The mere act of striking the space bar (each time I thought it was required) ensured that I was denied authorisation no matter how many times I tried.

When I learned that my ‘little’ mistake, although seemingly minor had accumulated into weeks and subsequently months of inactivity on my blog and many lost hours of honing the craft (no real incentive to write no matter how much I tried to muster it), it was most certainly not little any longer. Thankfully, the nightmare is finally over…n’er to be revisited since I’ve learned what the error was and corrected it.

Life is exactly like what happened to me, little things matter whether we realise it or not. The way we self talk, how we speak to others, how we make eye contact, write that email, eat or exercise, complain, give thanks, laugh, empathise etc. Most of these things seem to be inconsequential and of little worth but in the long run, each small act adds up and becomes the proverbial mountain of either pleasurable results or dire consequences. The devil is truly in the details and more especially so is God even though most folks don’t bring Him into most of those matters.

I’ve been given a great reminder early in the year i.e. the little things count. Make sure that you pay attention in 2015 and watch the difference it makes. My friend Rumbi wrote about how powerful three ‘little’ words could be rather than an entire list of resolutions that get ditched before February. Small is powerful. Isn’t it about time you embraced those ‘little things’ that truly count?

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