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I’m a writer and a darned good one! I get better with each passing day and although I sometimes don’t write like I should (budding writers, please don’t follow this bad habit) I have a plan to change. So what brought this on? I hear you asking.

Today’s Friday and until a few minutes ago I didn’t have the foggiest idea about what I was going to share today. Work did not permit me to publish on Tuesday as there was a project I had to complete and send on its merry way. I would have shared about Social Media Week Lagos 2015, but unlike last year where I attended several seminars over days, I was only able to go yesterday and had to give today a miss.

Back to why I started with my opening line…well because that’s what seemed most appropriate at the time. We have many great writers out there and since I consume books I’ve come across a few and of course also encountered those I had no liking for. Some like one of favourite authors (Robin Parrish) I bumped into on the internet and with social media I’ve interacted with him on a more personal level. The opportunity to give a review of his book cropped up and boy was that something.

When he asked for interested parties I jumped on the wagon even though I didn’t have a clue what had to be done. I was pretty confident that since writing was involved and I also had the internet at my fingertips I could do it. I faced it as another work project and was gratified at his response to my take about his work. I’ve been honoured to have been party to more reviews since then. Today I received a copy of a book A Little Girl Inspires that I was privy to as a manuscript.

The respect I have for authors keeps increasing as I discover how many re-writes they have to do before the final copy we buy. An author friend told me she was on her third re-write of her current project when she sent it. When I consider the hours involved in writing, thinking, reading, writing, writing and then re-writing I appreciate books more. I love books and love reading them much more and by default prefer to read than write…

Any one that has written (or made an attempt) something will agree with me that writing is no mean feat and those involved with it, either as a calling or profession must be slightly off-centre to do it. The challenge with writing is the accurate translation of thoughts adequately captured by words to evoke feelings or transmit experiences to the one reading. It gives me such pleasure when someone reads my stories and enjoys it.

I love it when people read and tell me it made them smile or laugh, or it provoked them. That’s part of the fulfilment I get from the time spent creating it. Each second becomes well spent, worthwhile and ultimately satisfying. It’s interesting how much thinking goes with and into writing, another aspect of which I’ve become more conscious over the years. Sometimes this is almost effortless but when it becomes difficult or an effort that’s when the music changes!

My thought processes tends to be stumped when hunger strikes. As a foodie I appreciate food and so when my fuel is gone so is my attention and anything that requires intellectual comprehension. This discovery was a huge relief and since then I endeavour to keep my grey cells fired with the required nourishment. This is an adventure in itself and one that keeps me sane.

The wonder of words, books and those that give them to us will remain with me forever. Without words expression, connection and relationships would be greatly challenged. I give thanks for writers and say keep doing what you do because without you the world would be vastly different. Who’s your favourite author(s)?

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  1. My favourite author changes with time and season. For now, I can’t have enough of C.S. Lewis!

  2. In order of preference Sidney Sheldon, James Hadley Chase, Jeffrey Archer, Jackie Collins, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Adaobi Nwabiani, Toni Kan, Seffi Atta, Bobo Omotayo, Joy Isi Bewaji, …I don’t have one favourite author; I have loads. There are just too many talented ones out there.

    • @Idolor: I have a list too and keep adding to it with time. I agree too many talented writers at large! Thank you for sharing.

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