Number Our Days

Monday was my birthday and of course I did what everyone usually does on that day i.e. took calls, read facebook messages, watched as people changed their BlackBerry dps, received text messages (these were not too many though), whatsapp chats and the like . These activities took up some time but were also quite emotional in some instances, in all everything made it a pretty amazing day.

If anyone’s like me, they also carry out a review of sorts, or maybe more like a comprehensive assessment of the journey so far. One looks back at those things that happened (or didn’t), the unexpected, planned and out-of-the-blue encounters too. I had a great time of thanksgiving for the years and where I find myself. Funny story, some weeks ago I realised that I was a year less than what I had had been conscious of, this means I get to stay the same age…if you understand the convoluted thinking behind this conclusion.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how time and the concept that surrounds it is often relative. Apparently it flies when you’re doing something you enjoy, on the other hand when it’s unpleasant, tedious or difficult it stretches and becomes almost infinite, as to become torturous. Everybody has experienced this and will continue to do so, the state of mind and the situation ultimately responsible for them. So it is that four years have dissipated and another election year is upon us in Nigeria.

The drama on the political scene is unprecedented and continues to unfold in the dying minutes. Public rumours fly thick and fast, private last ditch efforts are carried out behind the scenes by party members, concerned citizens and others with vested interests. Social media is agog and people scurry to make last minute withdrawals from cash machines, buy forgotten groceries and try to make sure loved ones remain safe. This is the state of the nation, like every country that faces a new dawn, things are uncertain and it’s only those that dare to wield the power that see a different outcome.

It sounds clich√?¬© but your vote IS your power, so when you decide (yep, a choice was made) not to use it, then you’re not in a position to complain about what happens. We’ve come to the place where sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option; well it should not be for any true citizen in the real sense of the word. During elections we choose those we believe can serve the nation and do the job. These people are not doing us a favour; taxpayers pay their salaries through earnings from doing business.

Along the line if public servants mess up, the onus falls on the citizenry to correct the situation by replacing defaulters. At no point in time should we abdicate power for them to become overlords with an overblown sense of entitlement. The time for semantics, postulations and theorising is over, actions speak and when we cast our vote, we say it best! Unfortunately, many people couldn’t find their permanent voters cards and sadly cannot lend their voice to the conversation tomorrow.

Time is infinite, as humans we however only have its use for some years. As mentioned earlier, it can become a mist or cloying molasses in which we become mired. Let us use the hours left responsibly and do what’s right for the nation. Violence should not be an option, no matter how uninformed anyone else turns out to be. Deliberate action should be our course of action tomorrow. Have a great weekend people and a peaceful election day!

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