Fit and Fabulous 2

In the past three days I’ve become reacquainted with several muscle groups I’d forgotten existed. We’ve started a conversation that’s both eye opening and very painful! You see I’d forgotten that reactivating unused muscles had a dark side. It’s taken me back a few years, to another pain-filled episode where as an undergrad my fellowship had an athletics meet with our sister organisation in Medilag.

Happy to relive my heydays I signed up to run the 4×100 relay. Despite the preparations and caution taken, I not only suffered aches but pain became a constant companion. Walking was an ordeal and since that was the primary means of transportation, great was my suffering. Now that I’m determined to increase my heart rate once again, lifting one foot after the other has become an experience I would exchange for teleporting.

Completing the set of exercises is not just a mind thing, my body protests profoundly as I mimic the Youtube instructor. The squats almost became history but with gritted teeth I pushed through. Stairs have become enemy numero uno, funny enough my second floor apartment doesn’t have a lift so my protesting femur must needs take me there. Walking or taking the stairs is peanuts…trying to sit down is another lesson in the accurate location of newly engaged musculature.

No pain, no gain right? I’m paying the price of four years of cold turkey from an elevated heart rate and endurance is the only way I can survive. I’m enthusiastic I’ll look back on these first days and chuckle because they’ll be firmly behind me. For the time being, I’m gritting my teeth and doing my best not to attract funny stares as I try my best to walk normally despite the challenge this poses. The thought of staying abed beckons, but since that’s not an option in the real world I march on.

A light massage of the tender areas has brought great relief and eased the discomfort. I also seem to sleep more soundly, although this could be adduced to other factors. My fit and fabulous journey is underway one from which I know several adventures will spring up. I envisage pleasant surprises, days of triumph and times during which I know the mere thought of bending, squatting or jumping will not appeal.

Rome was not built in a day and since this is a process, I look forward to results in the near future. The first is to actually complete my skipping cycle without thinking my heart will burst from the exertion. Restoration from sore tender thighs and arms are incentives I relish. If there are fellow sufferers reading this, I urge you not to despair for, ‘this too shall pass!’

Easier said than done I know, but truer words have not been spoken like we all know. What stands as a challenge is the transition from sore and tender to the toned and healthier version lying dormant. What lies beneath will emerge and character will be tested, so get ready to learn more about what makes you tick or ticks you off. I’ve started learning some of mine and I know I have some ways to go still.

Today is a good day and my weekend promises to be better…no sweating programmed until Monday. Someone said, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ So a stronger me ends this column on a high note with the realisation that I’m not the same person that started this week. For one my heart has accelerated more than it did in the last four years! Why does something beneficial need sacrifice in order to enjoy its advantages?

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