Let’s Celebrate

It’s the first of December and I finally get to write a Tuesday column! Yes, I know…it’s been too long and all I can say is, I’m so glad to be back. Not what you expected right? Well what can I say, but that I’ve missed you and that you should get ready for the random, innocuous, provocative and other observations I’m wont to share. Interesting experiences, like the time I went undercover in a bank. The life of a freelance consultant has many layers and loads of curves, each has more adventure and uncertainty than imagined at every point.

So yesterday I received a broadcast message and it was in the same vein of one about one and a half weeks ago. An anniversary of some significance was being commemorated and those at the receiving end were asked to call the celebrants in order to felicitate with them. The other one was someone’s mom’s birthday and again we were also asked to call her to wish her well. In my usual way I immediately knew the message was not intended for me. I know people can be lazy in not creating lists or taking the pain to click particular names, it’s often easier to click send to all.

Furthermore, I rationalised that since I had never met any of the celebrants there would be no point in making that call. In line with those first thoughts, I was also not inclined to call total strangers despite the fact that their nearest and dearest felt they would like to be bombarded with well wishes from total strangers. To be frank I sent a text message yesterday but that was the best I could do and that’s because I was pretty upbeat at that point in time. When I asked someone if she also thought it a weird request, she pointed out that perhaps the celebrants would enjoy it, hence the request.

Personally unless I’m a celebrity I’m certain I would not like to be inundated with calls or messages from strangers. People I did not know had never met nor had a relationship with and who I probably would never meet is not my idea of fun. The mere thought of the introductions before the wishes could be uttered was a minefield on which I was unprepared to venture. I hear sighs and imagine major eye rolls at the scenario I’ve just painted, but if you don’t judge me I won’t judge you too. We all differ and find some things easier than others.

What about social media? It has certainly made things more interesting although the majority of those ‘friends’ are people I’ve made their acquaintance (in one form or the other) and so they aren’t total strangers, not really. I’m not sure how many people even bother to dash off a quick happy birthday to someone they don’t know. Again they could be much more and since I don’t have supporting data simply sharing my point of view.  My idea of fun could make you shudder or think me boring but it makes me unique and thoroughly me.

I’ve learned to own these quirks and come to love their weirdness. Having conversations on matters like this is something I like to do and getting different takes and shades makes instances like I’ve narrated more intriguing. The human experience is totally relatable and crammed with convergence more often than not. Since we have that inherent humanness there will be similarities and when it does not exist, something else will crop up along the way that brings us together again.

December is the last month in 2015 and I look forward to having a rollicking time as we countdown to the New Year. Don’t give up on what you’ve been anticipating since the year begun, it can still happen so do not give up hope. For the gift of life I am so grateful. Are you happy it’s finally December?

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