Happy New Year! May 2016 be all you desire and so much more too.

Like I do every 31st of December I spent the dying moments of 2015 giving thanks, taking stock, praying and listening to wisdom that will tide me over in the New Year. Yes, I was in church (don’t judge me but go ahead if you want to all the same) and as always I didn’t regret any minute either.

After the service and hugging, laughing, saying hello and yelling happy New Year to as many as possible, I began the trek to the car whilst chatting with my friend. Suddenly I noticed that my bag was too light and the wrong shape. With horror I realised I had forgotten my iPad!

Without thinking about it I did an about face, yelled out an explanation to Ethel and jogged back. Avoiding bodies and cars was tricky but I made it. Unfortunately the chairs were being efficiently stacked and there was no sign of my device. I asked the people packing up the chairs and they all said they hadn’t found an iPad.

Not giving up, I headed towards the head usher to inform him that I’d forgotten my property and to please help me hold on to it if it came in.Bbefore I could utter one word, I noticed he was holding it and already stretching it out to me! Odun explained that he would have called to tell me but his phone was off and that he had seen me earlier. He explained that immediately he got it and saw my picture as the screensaver that it was just a matter of holding it until he could return it.

I thanked him and made my way back to my longsuffering companion.

I am grateful to the person that found my iPad and handed it in. THANK YOU! It was a choice you made and you will reap what you have sown in this gesture from all corners and receive unexpected help all through this year.

With this little incident and demonstration I’ve caught a glimpse of what this year has in store and I embrace the adventure that beckons wholeheartedly.

We waited and it’s here finally, however, there’s no magic wand that will make the next 365 days the best and better than the best. You have to set goals, work out a daily time-table for them and get to work. Personal responsibility has a lot to do with how everything turns out in the days ahead. Buckle down, face it and have mega fun all the way!

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