What really matters?

Do you ever feel as if you’re disconnected? Not quite there. Making the motions but not quite tethered to the reality of your existence. Sometimes it seems like an ‘out-of-body’ occurrence.

You have friends but it seems as if they’re in an alternate universe? Family nko? You don’t see as often as you would like, what with everyone living their life and doing what must be done, add the urban juggernaut of Lagos traffic and you get my drift.

Anyway how can others really, be there for you? Especially when you consider that at the end of the day the place where you’re present is inside. The place no one else can get to, that intimate place where thoughts collide and appear as tangible as every other thing in the material universe.

Like the popular saying goes…OYO lo wa! It distils the core essence of existence when stripped bare. When the rubber meets the road you have to do it under your own power, stamina, motivation and drive.

You have to live your life yourself…for yourself. No one else can actually do it for you. Well apart from all those twits trying hard to impress others, make them notice/envy you or whatever bee is currently buzzing around in their bonnet.

Others will inspire, motivate, encourage as well as piss you off, frustrate, discourage and try and derail you. Like we all know, people are the greatest assets anyone can have as well as the biggest deterrent. This is the proverbial two edged sword that cuts both ways with devastating results.

Finding the balance is the challenge and like we all know it’s not as simple as we would like. Learning to juggle the imbalance in varying proportions is the way to go. However, total dependence on fallible creatures is not the smart way to live. This is because you will be disappointed one way or the other, despite their best efforts.

This means finding a reliable source that will not fail you…ever. As I’ve often wondered in the past, I wonder what people that do not believe in God do when life goes belly up. Where in the world do they find the strength to get back up? When I find the situation is more than I can bear I hand it over to someone that always has me on the front burner and has never let me down.

Sounding maudlin was not my intention but living inside my head are all these echoes and writing them down just seems to be the way to go. Maybe there’s nothing original but it’s familiar enough and will probably resonate with you on some level.

Balance is one way or the other is crucial in this life and finding your personal mix is what counts. It might not be perfect or approved by all and sundry, but as long as it works for you is the crux of the matter. As we discover daily finding that balance is a work in progress and means moving on when we derail. The only thing that’s not an option is giving up.



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