The Nude

It’s not often I surprise myself but today I managed to do it. I had a thought to model for a photo, not just any you see, an actual nude. Yes, just like the day I made my debut into the world. Just like those models that pose for artists when learning the human form.

No I’m not nuts, off my meds or having a psychotic episode. It’s the hair you see. Yes the hair. Natural locs in fact, it’s no longer called dreds I’m told so I will be politically correct and give it the ‘correct’ nomenclature.  So I have natural hair and since I transited I’ve discovered the secret…boy does it grow!

In the fifth year loop now and you won’t believe how far I’ve come. It falls to my shoulder and is gradually inching down my back. The other day one accidentally got chewed with a mouthful of yam, not pleasant. I’ m so over the days of struggling to pull my permed (now called processed) hair and get it to reach my nose. With much ado one single hair would dare to make it to the tip but it wasn’t pretty I tell ya.

So yes, in celebration of the locs getting to a more appreciable length, I thought a silhouette would be nice. All decked out in nothingness, hair artfully arranged, a veritable work of art. To become a muse for thousands (think Mona Lisa), generations will be inspired to produce the most genius of art, inventions, poems and much more than I imagined. Sigh.

No I’ve not lost it, nor is someone else controlling my fingers remotely. Just giving reign to thought and since writing is what I do, why not share? Of course the photograph will have the most delicious light and shadows and my best profile too.  At least it’s something to consider and whilst I’m at it I might just take the picture myself.

Have a good weekend people and remember that the imagination is crucial to live a normal life. Muah!


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