Culinary Adventures: My Peanut Butter Appetite

I was recently introduced to Skippy, a brand of peanut butter that I had hitherto happily ignored. I now consider it the ish, as it has become my go to item; it’s so bad that I find myself eating/licking it sans anything else. Like everyone else I’d seen it on shelves but never thought to buy, that is until Ty trumpeted its yumminess. ‘It not only tastes good spread on apple but gives great energy’ or so she said. I’m not sure if that’s an accurate quote but it gives you an idea of the snare that lured me.

On my next foray to the shops, when I saw the blue jar I decided to get it so I could try the much touted apple and peanut butter combo. By now you guys know that I’m ready to try new things with food, interestingly though I not only liked it but fell in love! This has since sparked experiments with yam, assorted biscuits and the undiluted taste of peanut butter enjoyed solely for its pure essence. Thankfully the allergic gene to nuts is absent and leaves me free to dabble with as many foods, fruits and whatever mixture I fancy.

The fact that Skippy is crunchy and has chunks of peanuts makes it more attractive for me and gives my fix when I haven’t eaten the roasted or boiled variety in a bit. I’ve since discovered how versatile it can be and apply it generously when occasion calls for it. So it was a happy day when I decided to buy that blue plastic jar of branded peanut butter just because. The picture painted by Ty the disciple also helped the decision along.

On the other hand there are some combos I will most definitely steer clear of as the mere thought causes bile to rise. That is fodder for another column so I won’t go off on a tangent. The same way I was presented something new others are also presented with a chance to try something totally new, different or out of their comfort zone. When it comes to food it’s pretty simple, you either take the chance or not and danger is avoided especially once allergies et al are known.

Personally I will try something twice and maybe even a third time before I decide if it really does not agree with me. ┬áIn that same vein I’m unlike some that travel for a few days and immediately they land are on the lookout for a Naija restaurant. Yes you like what you like but one night without swallow will not kill you na. Opening up to new experiences and even flavours makes life more interesting all round. Abi una no gree?

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  1. I do agree. Try your peanut butter with garden eggs too. Or with your banana smoothie. Very very yum! Nice piece Seyi. Keep the ink flowing.

    • @Ebun Ok then I’ll try it although I’m not a fan of garden eggs because of the bitter aftertaste. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Muah :*

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