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The second half of 2016 has begun…so just go for it already! This week that just passed was something else, especially with the lingering aftermath from TARUWA. As always it was great to be amongst this set of absolutely insane (no be lie o), creative and down to earth people. Listening to Obi, Plumbline, Eklipse, Four strings and others do their thing was rejuvenating, especially since it was the first time this year.

It was the best Taruwa ever because Mr Incredible not only showed up but was too much! It was a lovely coincidence that MI came for the edition I’d determined to attend, no matter what. I was glad I made it and my companion of the moment too had mega fun through it all. She got loads of pictures for Instagram and I heard her giggle and be absolutely flustered when an she was in an up close and personal pose with Spaceship Boi himself. You know who you be K (wink).

Mr Jude Abaga not only rapped but his openness and vulnerability was palpable. The journey, process and the darkness that can accompany as you chase your dreams was shared. He asked for questions, got them and answered, letting us in on so much more. He was easily relatable as just another person rather than the superstar. His obvious love for Naija was trumpeted for all to hear if you were ever in doubt. The back stories of some tracks made it more intimate when we rapped along with him and of course seeing this vibrant young man’s eyes sheen with tears let you see how much this time meant to him.

Laughter and the usual insane off-the-cuff moments that have become quintessentially Oluwabibs made the night one that will not be easily forgotten. The atmosphere was thick with more than hip-hop as a call to arms with prayers (oh yeah) rounded up the evening. To see MI not think twice before kneeling was a keen reminder that things that matter to people of his ilk are more ‘simple’ than we truly realise. To say this was a vintage edition is repetition and I’m not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes a few times.

Inspiration, a call to arms and that dreaming big is the only way to live are a few takeaways of Tuesday night. The arts matter and those that live and breathe it can and do make a difference. Like all things it takes time and perseverance is often the most important and necessary ingredient when we chase our dreams. Working the dream is also crucial and cannot be left out. That overnight success you see, probably took years to get there, if you only bothered to find out. Abi na lie?


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  1. Looks like I missed o Seyi. Chai!

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