Back in the Saddle

Just like that it’s March. Didn’t we just say happy New Year a couple of days ago? I’m a fine one to talk right? It’s been a pretty long while (since July last year to be precise) since I wrote anything here. What’s my excuse I hear you ask? The usual culprit gets blamed for people not having a life, being unhealthy and generally just passing the time until they can do more of it…W-O-R-K. However that’s not the entire story though.

Yup, I did get involved in some projects but I think I was also inured with thoughts of what the point of the blog was; I also got lazy about sitting down with my computer and writing. Unlike some people think, that’s work in itself and even though I do it pretty effortlessly it became easier to create content that was not personal and only commercially driven.

During the break, I was pleasantly surprised by a few people that asked about the blog and what was happening. These were all folks I would never have thought had ever read it only to discover they were regulars and enjoyed it too. So I was stoked to discover this and did a quick survey of what they liked, why and what they’d like to read more on. With these insights I’ve taken heed and I leave you to discover for yourself in the days ahead, so just stay with me.

In my bid to stretch myself professionally, learn and experience new things I ventured into the world of production recently. Production, sounds ambiguous right? To be more specific, movie production. You guessed it, I wound up on a movie set and I was the proverbial fish out of water! It was an uncomfortable, eye opening, exciting, tedious, draining, deeply challenging emotional rollercoaster.

Of course I had moments of personal triumphs and total frustration too. All these could have been within a five minute period mark you. However, one thing that I took away was an enduring, bone deep respect for Nigerian filmmakers. These guys are something else and I can only admire them for what they keep accomplishing despite the tough terrain they continue to navigate whilst bringing a script to life.

I love watching credits roll after a movie, but now titles like gaffer, first camera assistant, continuity, director, producer, line producer, costumer set design etc now mean something more to me. Without each of these people that film would not have been. Mostly faceless, the crew of any production have the undertaking to ensure that it gets done…any which way. Watching them do their thing is nothing short of a miracle.

You know it, I will share more of some experiences and the lessons I took away during those six weeks. A culture shock in too many ways it took a few weeks to adjust (truthfully I never did) and learn to flow. A stalwart production hand told me it is always the same on every production and so I should get used to it. Now that we’re all caught up with what happened with me, remember to come back for the reveals I took away from set.

So the first quarter of 2017 is fast spent, who knew it would be this fast. It’s also easy for you to want to get tired but remember it’s early days yet despite the challenges. You’re running a long distance race after all and must remember that a steady pace, a second, third and fourth wind will be needed before it ends.

Take time and savour the moments, you will not get them back! Make each count no matter how daunting it appears. Recently I’ve found myself telling people to make the time rather than find the time when it comes to something they really want to do. If it’s that important to you, you must consciously decide to do it and that takes a deliberate set of choices that leads to action and an outcome. Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Weeeeelllllcome back, Sis. Will do my utmost to make out time – this new ‘season’……

    • @Oye: Forgive that I’m just replying to your comment. Thank you so much and I hope it brings you pleasure too. Muah!

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