Radical New Schedule

It’s the end of May (a few days into June, I know) and once again I’ve done what I promised I would not. Sigh! I’ve been writing, in fact I’ve been at it all month but I’ve just not been writing about the usual. I’m guilty of letting the ‘work of writing’ not let ‘the pleasure of writing’ get a voice. I am so sorry. I know that consistency is important and keeping to the schedule I promised should be priority but I have not been able to do it and know that I must get radical with a new schedule.

It looks like I will have to really, really prune the posts to twice a month. From a weekly schedule of twice a week to only two posts a month?! Sadly if I don’t go this route then I’m doomed to let my blog die and I’m not ready (if ever) to let this happen. At least I hope you do, agree with me that is. So bear with me and know that a post at the start of the month and end is what will become the norm until things become a little less crazy.

The ‘work of writing’ is work and one I take great pleasure in. there’s nothing more satisfying than when what you’ve crafted is appreciated and complimented. It’s even better when it’s done by those paying. The deadlines are there to ensure everyone stays happy and often times I may not find the words, but as I persevere and take breaks and keep at it, it all comes together. The way some pieces start out is interesting especially when you consider how they end.


Take for instance the other day I had an article to deliver for Children’s Day and I remembered an old Coca-Cola advert composed of children. The lyrics of the song spoke to me and I watched the old advert on YouTube, however as the piece evolved the inspiration that drove it was practically written out since there was no need to include it. This was an interesting and intense time frame (about eight hours or so) and more so because I could trace the entire process. Not something that happens often i.e. keeping tabs on the idea for content as it evolves.


I discovered years back that the process of creating (getting the idea, fleshing it out etc) is what actually satisfies me.  It keeps my juices flowing to research someone so I can craft interview questions, or get a brief and create something that pleases my client. By the time I deliver said content I’m already looking forward to the next one and again and again. I learn a lot on different projects and constantly look for ways to stay on my toes too and like everything else it can seem bland at times, but as I keep at it I find reason to keep doing it.


Find that reason to keep doing what you do over and over and over again. Perseverance and consistency rewards in ways you cannot fathom, I know because I have experienced it. 2017 is not yet over, so take out time to re-evaluate the goals you set so that you can still make adjustments to achieve them before the year ends (reminding myself too!). So people keep at it because it pays! Have a good one.

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