Live, Learn and Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff

I know that I’ve not kept to my promise of two posts monthly. Last month I actually wrote, but ended up on finishing it and of course I didn’t publish it either. I finally sat down to write this some minutes past one. I must confess that I’m currently not too busy either so dashing off a post ought to be ‘easier’ then. If you write you must wish it was that easy! I certainly do anyway. What I’ll do is to share some of the highlights I’ve experienced these past months and take it from there.

There was the opportunity for a project the type of which I had not really done. I was super excited and looked forward to getting my teeth into it. Along the way I was replaced with someone else. I was really unhappy because I believed I should still be on the team. To cut the story short, I left cordially with no hard feelings and kept in touch with the project manager. I was paid for the previous work I had done and a few days ago it seems there’s a chance to returnas suggested by the project coordinator.

Another interesting occurrence is an experience with Uber and then an exact mirror case with Taxify! Talk about deja vu. So I took an Uber from the island home, home in this instance being the mainland and on this particular occasion was charged way too much. I was livid and could not believe it, the driver was also surprised at the fare. I grumbled and made up my mind that the affair with Uber was certainly OVER. I complained to my sister and she suggested that I make a formal complaint and take it from there.

I took up her suggestion and sent a nicely worded mail. Trust me I used the gift to craft and make known what happened in the most persuasive language I could muster. I was blown away at how responsive the instrument error caused the grossly inaccurate bill and I was subsequently credited. Same error with Taxify and coincidentally same cause for the error. In their case though the customer service was not as prompt, took a few days to resolve and surprisingly I had to personally call the driver to sort out the refund. I stayed the course and got my money back so it all worked out.

Another mega learning curve was one I learned during a project I recently concluded with a new client. Since it was a fresh relationship I had to learn their peculiarities and flow. I was almost driven batty until I found how to strike a balance, in relation with my work, keeping the flow and managing how they did their things. Essentially during the period, I discovered how the people factor could also make or mar things and just how resilient one has to be as a professional.

In other news, I also had to quickly sort out pending PC issues when the booting time became more than I could take. It was a right nightmare I tell yamore than fifteen minutes! A change of the hard drive fixed it and now I am so conscious to ensure enough space is available for it to work optimally. The only thing left is to get a genuine battery, apparently finding the right person to source that is the trick. Sigh.

June and July were pretty eventful and to think that we have just five months left until 2017 fades away. Intense does not quite cover some of these experiences and trying to paint a complete picture will not quite capture the entirety. All I can say is that learning from our experiences and using those lessons in our lives is what being human is all about. Enjoy the weekend!

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