An August Month Indeed

This month has been very eventful for me, dare I say exciting no less! August started off with a bang, my Dad’s 80th was on the very first day and it went really well. It was specifically tailored to his request and meant a time of thanksgiving with family and close friends. Like all things are wont to, it did not go without some drama here and there. Despite all that, the memories that were created are worth it and will endure.

The entire clan was in attendance and we used the opportunity to take a family portrait. Not that we didn’t already have one, albeit incomplete. The last one on record featured four children and since the last born had been with us for well over two decades, it was about time to include her in the recordsat least for posterity. So, we were all dolled up (make-up, lashes and of course the quintessential aso-ebi) and had a round of smiling for the camera and coaxing the grandchildren to do the same.

The Kaduna arm of the clan was around and we had cause again to celebrate Damilola’s birthday before they had to return. To say it was an eventful day is putting it rather mildly. Children will be themselves and their joie de vivre infectious. The time with them was not as much as I would have preferred, it was worth every single second.

Workwise things were also interesting and a little bit different. An opportunity came to do something I thought was the usual, but it turned out it was not. Luckily for me I had a friend and senior colleague with the necessary experience that stepped in and voila, fait accompli. The first part has been done and now the waiting game begins. However, what I don’t understand (someone help me here if you do) is why a prospective client suddenly goes silent when they receive a project proposal? The person that was persistently calling and sending messages falls off the grid when they get your response.

For the love of communication, indicate that you got it and will let the other party know that. Mba, you don’t acknowledge it and only when they call do you bother to reply. Another client actually got the mail and let me know they did, but ever since then it’s been dead silence. Could they be so busy that they’ve been unable to let you know how things stand or they can’t afford the quote you’ve sent to them? If it’s the first let them know for crying out loud! The same goes for the second instance, better yet try negotiating and see the response, the highest is an outright refusal and the other scenario is you both reach a middle ground. It can’t be that hardcan it?

On a more sober note, I also got a shocker and had to take another look at my relationships. More specifically, I had to examine how my words and actions to someone I was close to had impacted this person. What she said dismayed me and made me realise how lines can get crossed and hurt inflicted when none was meant. It hit home when she made me take note that despite the fact I meant no harm, some was caused and it was because I overlooked and took some things for granted.

I not only apologised and asked forgiveness but sought counsel from an old-time friend. What he said encouraged me and let me take note that relationships are still two-way streets. Give and take, talk and listen and that’s how they work. This incident reminded me once again how vulnerable we can all be and despite that, how worthwhile they still are despite the flaws we have (and will continue) and constantly live with. These are life lessons that will never cease and constantly mould character and personality in the days ahead, so I know it’s a good place to be.

We begin the ember months on Friday and it starts with a public holiday here in Nigeria. It’s just four months until the end of 2017, no matter how we think time drags it absolutely waits for no one and the best we can do is make it count. This can be a difficult thing, especially in the minutiae of the daily grind and when everything seems to be going downhill. Stay mindful of the passage of time and by so doing try and make every moment count. Easier said than done, but totally doable. Enjoy the rest of your week and keep it real guys.

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